Cayenne Report: Hello, Ladies…

I bring surprising news! This car seems to turn more than its fair share of heads. Admiring glances can be spotted on many occasion when driving about in this car. I certainly hadn’t expected that, but perhaps this aging SUV still carries a degree of cache, with Father Time having softened the appearance somewhat as SUVs are now ubiquitous on our roads.

…Except my lady.

Unfortunately, my good lady wife cannot get on with this car. At all. She doesn’t like driving it, doesn’t feel in control with the automatic, and it’s too big and too clunky. Something has to be done. In fact, something has been done in that we’ve bought another car to go alongside the chunky Cayenne. Never before have any of our cars divided our opinions so extremely. I love driving this car, its cheap to buy and relaxing to drive. The Mrs hates it. We are typically somewhere off centre with our opinion of cars. Some of our previous ones she has loved, I thought were OK, and visa-versa. Not with the Cayenne. This is a love-hate relationship. But since its staying for the time being, we’ve added another car to the fleet. More on this soon… 🙂

The Cayenne will remain as our family car for long hauls and holidays as it is really comfortable for all of us, and for my commutes to the office when needs must.