Cayenne Report: Certificate of Authenticity

Example Certificate from the internet.

Example Certificate from the internet.

It’s arrived! Hurrah! In a nice little cardboard folder, it comes with a nice Porsche letterhead and hand-signed by the managing director of Porsche Cars Great Britain. Cool!!

The certificate of authenticity confirms a number of things about your car, but perhaps most interest is the options that were supplied at manufacture. For my car the list is as follows: 19” Cayenne Design wheels, Tiptronic S, Coloured Wheel Centres, CD changer, Park Assist, PCM including telephone.

That’s it! So I guess these cars are really well spec’d from new as it also has air conditioning, leather, full electric seats and automatic folding mirrors. Love those mirrors. All automatic light some robot rabbit autonotron pulling its ears back.


As mentioned previously, I took the car to a local detailer to give the interior a full shampoo clean everywhere and set off one of those deodoriser explosives in the car. When I collected it, it had a neutral smell about it, with a hint of floral. A week on, it now smells of nothing really, which is kind of the point of these. They remove any odours engrained into the headlining, plastics etc. and leave car ready to add your own scent. My preference is Auto Glym’s AutoFresh, which smells lovely. The detailer (OJB detailing) said that sometimes it might not get rid of the smell completely as smoker smell can be really stubborn, if that’s the case to return it and he’ll do it again. He also cleaned the car outside complimentary so it looked as good outside as it did inside.

Whilst I ordinarily use Spearsy for all of my work (Spearsy is top-drawer detailing), he was just in the middle of moving premises when I needed it doing, so thought I’d try OJB for this job and am happy with the results.


The To-Do List Update

  • Certificate of Authenticity. I’ll get this from PCGB. COMPLETE
  • SIM card for the Phone unit. COMPLETE.
  • Some CDs. COMPLETE
  • A good interior clean. COMPLETE.
  • Private number plate. COMPLETE. I purchased a new plate with both mine and the wife’s initials on it. I had the plate made up at the local Porsche dealer. Free coffee, browse around nice motors and the Porsche dealer title on the bottom of the plate. Finishes the car off nicely. 🙂 Update of sat nav discs. NOT DOING. After a few months with it, no in-car SatNav can even compare to Google maps on the iPhone, so seems little point. The Cayenne PCM is great as a ‘get you home’ tool, but the pain and problem of updating it doesn’t seem worth it when the iPhone can do the job for free.
  • Spare Key. On Order for this month.
  • Side Steps. Still to buy. In plan for this month.
  • Blacked out rear windows. Not Done. In plan for next month
  • Duff parking sensors. One for me to keep an eye on as they are still intermittent!
  • Pulsing lights. Still not tested this properly.
  • Retrofit of cruise control. Possibly.
  • A Porsche badge for the rear. Not Done.