Cayenne Report: Airbag fixed and MOT

Cayenne Airbag Fault

Cayenne Airbag Fault

I took my car in to Porsche Euro in Barnsley to have a look at the airbag light. Reassuringly, during the phone call to book in John had said it is probably the connectors (a common fault) – and this proved to be correct!

The MOT also passed with flying colours, so is good for another 12 months.

John also read the fault codes on the car and finally the Cayenne has reported against the intermittent parking sensor issue – on my car it is the inner most right-hand-side sensor that is intermittently faulty. John has cleared the code and they are working again but I need a new sensor – about £40 plus fitting and painting. A job for another day, but good that we finally know which one it is! 🙂

In other news, I have also purchased a new Dyson vacuum cleaner, to sort out the mess in the car. Our current Dyson upright (DC55 – less than 2 years old) is absolutely shite, so we now have a cordless rechargeable jobby, which is ideal for cleaning the cars too! I’ll report back on how good is fares….