Cayenne Report: 1 Week On

One Week On

We are getting used to it now, I’m finding it wholly relaxing to drive. The 18mpg average is making me wince, but thankfully Porsche buried the mpg computer so far into the menus that you need to make a real effort to find it. So I won’t.

My wife still finds it on the large side and hasn’t warmed to it yet, but is finding it more ‘hers’ now that we’ve moved all the trinkets and personalisation over from the Evoque. She took the Evoque out on a day trip earlier this week, and said it drives so much more like a car, compared to the Cayenne. So the Cayenne still has work to do. She is also a really nervous passenger owing to someone crashing into her from behind a few years ago, and says that the auto feels like I’m racing all the time in it (honesty, I’m not!). I suspect that this is a combination of the engine having a lovely sporting sound, and the auto gearbox when it drops a cog when overtaking on a motorway.

As for me, its bliss – auto, lovely auto. It’s also pretty quick on acceleration. I’ve read a lot of reports of the 3.2 being underpowered, but I’m going to buck that trend and say its fine. I’ve yet to find a scenario in which you need more power. Pulling out at junctions? Motorway overtaking? All fine. It cruises nice, overtakes quickly0 OK, so it’s not typically Porsche rapid, but it reminds me a lot of a Boxster 2.7 compared to the 3.4; it feels comfortably fast, not bonkers quick.

Took it to York today for a day out at the Theatre (Peppa Pig, no less). Parked in a titchy car park. Boy do you need those parking sensors!

Service on Friday!