The 911 Years

Ongoing ownership report of a Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet

The 911 Years: T minus 9 (months)

As a general rule, I keep my cars for 3 years. The itch for something new starts at about the 2 year mark, with serious investigations beginning 6 months prior to change over. So I’m getting close.

But this time it’ll be a bit different and I’m still perplexed with the whole shall I / shan’t I quandary.

Firstly, my 911 is used less regularly than my previous cars, perhaps about half as much. This means I’m still not bored of it and with every journey I’m warming to it a little more (quite literally at the minute, but I’ll come on to that later).

Secondly, it’s great to have backseats and be able to use it as a family car. This lovely weather we are having means the 911 is getting a lot of outings and my 2 year old daughter loves it! We have an almost daily routing of going in the garage, unlocking the car, opening the roof, putting the radio on and pressing the “beep, beep”. And if the other car isn’t in the way, I’m often ordered (as children do) to put her into her child seat in the back and “Drive daddy. Drive”. What’s not to like?

However, it has now done 66,000 miles and needs a spruce up externally. A respray and alloy refurb would be nice but there isn’t any point spending a lot of money on cosmetics if it isn’t going to be in my stable forever. And there is the ever present gamble of IMS. Or RMS. Or scored bores. Or Radiator failure.

Aaah. radiator failure. Yep, that’s me. Tick-in-the-box. Check. Repeats of my 986 ownership resonate as the air conditioning has gone kaput. This is a real pain if I want to use the car for longer (motorway) journeys as I prefer the roof up at persistent high speed and its flippin’ boiling in there without the roof down. That needs fixing sharpish. But bank account says “You’ve got a wedding to pay for, boy-o”. and with all essential maintenance recently completed (service, brakes, etc), the air con is going to have to wait. Meanwhile, my £300 15 year old Audi continues to reliably blow ice cool air from its vents. Dear oh dear, Porsche.

But the longer I wait, the closer I’ll be to a potential 3-year changeover. And at that point, where to go from here? As justified above, I like the back seats so a new 911 would be ideal. That leaves the Gen2, except I prefer the look of the Gen1 (inside and outside) over a Gen2. Plus, a Gen2 is about £20k more expensive – for a car that is still essentially the same. I genuinely can’t see the point in doing that. I’m not bothered for a higher performance variant either as the “S” has plenty of oomph for me.

And that leaves just a couple of cars. An ‘almost purchase’ when I got the 911, the Ferrari 360 is still a front runner for changeover. I drove a friends recently and instantly brought a gigantic smile to my face for the entire time I was driving. The mid engined balance and linear power delivery reminded me of the Boxster and the inner show-off loved the extraordinary attention that it gets over the anonymous black Porker. I tried it in my garage too and it fits, but only in convertible form as the doors won’t open wide enough in a Coupe. I prefer the 360 Coupe, and a Spider is more expensive. Doh! More savings required then.

Alternatively, I quite like the Maserati GT. They will seat the family and will be a completely different ownership experience from the past 8 years of Porsche. But I’m still not sold on that idea in my own mind. And it might not fit in the garage either.

An outside choice would be the new Porsche Macan but I still want a sports car for a few more years yet. I like the new Cayman – but no backseats and the 991 is far too expensive yet. And there is nothing else out there at all that floats my boat. Maybe an R8, but thats 360 money and I’d rather have a horse than 4 more rings.

So, after all that I think I can see the 911 staying for a while. It is still interesting to drive and I’m getting tonderstand the dynamics much better as time goes on. And it’s fun to share the hobby with my little lady. I’ve a funny feeling I might just end up keeping this car for a very long time, despite still not ‘loving’ it. Weird huh.

The 911 Years: Service Time!

It has been a long time coming. 24 months to be exact, but “Service Day” arrived at the start of April.

I had an inkling that this wasn’t going to be a cheap one, but ignorance is bliss so chose to put these thoughts to one side as I declared to Russ from Revolution Porsche on arrival that I’d like a “Major service with all the bells and whistles, brake fluid, new tyres, alloy refurb and a quote on the brakes”, in a style that only a working class ‘millionaire’ can.

Russ knows me well – and he knows I’m not a millionaire either. I’ve had a lot of dealings with him – often calling in just for a chat with him and his team as well as dropping off my Porsches over the years for resolution on niggling faults. Yet on reflection I realised I have only spend a few hundred pounds with his company in the past 5 years. He’s either a great guy for putting up with me all that time, or he was just biding his time until I bought something in need of major surgery. Today was his day.

A quick look at the brakes before I left and he said “yep, they are long gone, you need new ones”. I knew this already, as my inspection when I bought the car 2 years ago said they were ready then.

I wasn’t in a hurry for the car back and Russ does a fantastic deal on servicing and detailing package so figured I’d leave the car to Darren – Revolution’s detailer – after the service and let him turn it to something sparkling clean whilst it was there. In for a penny and all that…

And so as the days went buy, so the calls began. First up was the blunt question… “Your clutch is knackered. How do you drive with that?”. Now, this explains a lot because the 997 is flippin’ awful and I have complained about the weight of the clutch on my running reports since I bought it. I always just assumed it was supposed to be like that.

“No”, Russ reassured me “It is definitely not supposed to be like that”. New clutch added to the order. I asked for the RMS to be sorted too whilst he was at it (a common thing to replace when doing the clutch).

The master slave cylinder was also added to the bill which, due to the pressure that had been applied to it whilst I’d been working my left knee to the bone to make the clutch move, simply crumbled to pieces when the old clutch came out.

Another day, another call… “Have you heard that squealing when the car is started?” Russ asks me. I had. Time for a new starter motor. And some overtime at work with this lot.

Part way through the service, with the engine half in bits Russ’ team discovered a leak on the IMS as well, so that was fixed too.

As was the tandem pump which was passed its best.

There are still a couple of to-do bits, including the coolant pipes and heat shields but these are minor jobs and can be done once my bank balance recovers. In the year 2020.

Russ assured me that all of this is standard maintenance stuff that does wear out on 997’s, it’s just I’ve been unlucky in that they all needed doing at once. I guess the other way to look at it is that these are preventative measures and if they had all broken at different times, I’d have been reporting a very unreliable car over the years rather than an extremely reliable one.

Russ did me a great deal on this work and was incredibly understanding. He realised the expense of this was not insignificant. Even after several discounts he went that one step further; how many garages do you know who apply an extra discount to your invoice “to try to help out a bit”? It’s not like Russ needed to do this either – he isn’t exactly short of work at the minute with his team working until midnight some days to keep up with demand.

Yet still, despite handing over the equivalent purchase cost of a used Boxster once you include the cost of new tyres and brakes all round and an alloy spruce up, Revolution have still come in at around half the cost of the official dealer network.

It’s becoming clear that 911’s aren’t cheap to run, but having a specialist who you can genuinely trust makes it all the palatable, and my specialist of choice is Revolution. It is good to see that Russ’ original ethos when he started Revolution about high quality customer service is still very much at the top of the agenda.

I’ve had the car back a week now and am over the moon with the difference. The clutch is just amazing; it actually drives like a car now rather than a tractor. I’ve been strongly considering an auto for the next car, but this has transformed the manual experience. Also, when turning the key the starter motor actually sounds keen as opposed to being half asleep.

Generally speaking, it now feels and drives like it probably should have done all along. The detailing was superb and looked like a new car when I collected it at the weekend. I just need to get rid of those stone chips now on the front….!

I’ve had this week off work and the sun has been out. The 997 had had more than its fair share of use!! 🙂

Revolution Porsche, as always are highly recommended. I’ll post some detailing pics in the next few weeks along with an update.

The 911 Years: 911 World Record Attempt

I’m signed up for this next year!

Porsche Club GB are attempting a new world record, to get 911 911’s on the Silverstone race track at the same time. Should be fun!! 🙂

The 911 Years: Car unhappy. Then Car happy. Revolution made it work.

With the 997 safely tucked up in the garage over the period of bad weather the past couple of months, it has been playing on my mind that I’ve not used the car at all. Yesterday I decided it was time to take it out for a run. Having being out of action for a few weeks, it had gone to ‘sleep’, meaning I needed to use the key to get into the car to wake it up but the battery was still firmly in slumber mode. A reticent start, but eventually fired the 911 to life – and met with a lumpy sounding engine and an fault light on the dashboard.

I turned the car off and called Revolution Porsche for help. They said it should be ok to drive and they have an idea what the issue is. I planned to take it to them that day, but the battery was now 100% flat.

CTEK battery charger purchased, put on charge before trying again later in the week to get it to the Revolution garage for some TLC. — After a 24 hour zap of CTEK charging magic, the 997 was back on the road again – sounding absolutely terrible.

The engine was lumpy, the engine lights were lit up like Christmas trees and I wasn’t feeling terribly confident at getting to Revolution specialists to sort it out. A quick call to Scott, the mechanic at Revolution and he confirmed that the problem is unlikely to be serious and if I can drive it to continue – or alternatively to get it recovered.

The traffic was light and an enforced 50mph on the motorway meant the journey was do able, but not very enjoyable! Thankfully, I made it there without a problem and Russ, Scott and the team got to work, providing me a courtesy car whilst they worked their magic.

I got a call later in the day to say it was all fixed and clearing the alerts had fixed the problem. They also topped it up with oil. The alerts were around misfiring cylinders, likely causes by the battery issues and me only moving it out of the garage and back in again. Faults cleared and the engine was sounding sweet again!

The car is now running fine again and am looking forward to some warm weather to make use of this great sports car!! At less than fifty quid to sort the problem and top up the oil, you really can’t fault Revolution and I can’t recommend them highly enough, the service is always exceptional.

The 911 Years: A Picture Perfect Moment and a Battery Problem!

Soooo… about a month ago I was playing the role of daddy-day-care whilst my good lady was out shopping. Later that day I went out to meet her and the 911 was up for the role of taking me and my baby daughter into town. Now, my garage is something of a tight affair, so carrying a baby into the car and getting her strapped into the rear seat requires a feat of genius. And that genius comes from those splendid blokes at Porsche;

911 in a small garage!

911 in a small garage!

Baby in one hand, key fob in the other. Press and hold the button and the roof and windows all drop down, ready for easy baby access. Isabelle went onto the driver’s side whilst Daddy started the car. Now, for a 15 month old baby this front seat business was all new.

There were lots of buttons to press for starters and a great many things that needed to be touched. As the engine started, this caused an immediate freeze and slight concern for baby who looked on anxiously, but quickly eased by the excited and happy look of Daddy sat beside her. Her expression then turned to one of absolute delight as I drove the car slowly forward out of the garage.

She looked onwards and upwards and back again completely mesmerised with this look of sheer amazement that the car was moving. Once outside, my lil’ baby was put into her seat (always a comical affair as Porsche seats weren’t designed with reluctant baby hands, feet and legs in mind!), but we got there eventually, and being a tall fellow with my seat pushed quite far back, she is almost sat next to me at the other side and I can look across and see her. She likes the roof being down! I love being a dad.

And I love owning a Porsche. Until the battery died a few weeks later (more in the next post)…..

The 911 Years: 15 months in…

I’ve owned the 911 now for more than a year (15 months, if we are counting) and thought I’d spend a minute reflecting on the ownership so far, specifically the feelings about the car. And these emotions are somewhat mixed.

Following a week of to-and-fro in my Audi to work and back, getting into the 911 on a nice day feels rather special. Open the garage door and remove the cover and my cabriolet Carrera S Is ready and waiting to provide me with top down enjoyment for as long as the petrol tank will allow.

Climbing into the driver’s seat and everything immediately feels ‘just right’. The seating position is great with the dials directly in front with 200mph on the tachometer indicating fast-as-you-like should one feel the need for speed. And it smells really nice too; I’ve got Spearsy-the-Detailer’s products to thank for that.

Turn the ignition key, wait five seconds for the electronic oil gauge to confirm that attendance of the black stuff is all present and correct. Clutch down, start the engine. That momentary excitement is felt as the engine turns before springing to life, with the Porsche Sports Exhaust ensuring its presence is felt in equal measure. Smiles every time.

The Porsche logo lights up on the communication screen, before enabling the CD player to pump out the tunes of choice on the Bose equipped surround sound system. Put the gear box into first and the positioning of the lever feels just right. Changing gear in this is a very satisfying affair.

Heading through my favourite country roads, top down this car feels great – and yet unusually normal at the same time. The power is there, the noise is there, the handling and gearbox are all there – but it is like someone has forgot to add the fizz in the Champaign. It seems to missing something – but I just can’t put my finger on what it is.
I think this car looks great too. Whenever I park it somewhere and look back I get that “Wow, I’d love to own that!” feeling – and I do, which makes me feel very happy! Yet when it goes back into the garage, I don’t feel the excitement of going for a drive again should the mood take my fancy.

Perhaps that is due in part to the very ‘fidgety’ drive. When you are pressing on its great, but otherwise it can get a bit tiring. I attribute this to the fact it’s a soft-top so the lack of rigidity makes it more like hard work. But yet the soft top is also what adds to the enjoyment! The clutch is quite heavy too, if I’m being picky.

In summary, I’d describe the 911 as great overall, a car that is fun to own and drive, but it is also a bit like hard work. An enjoyable driving experience, but it can also be forgettable and leave you cold. Very strange. What is even stranger is that at this price point, there isn’t anything else that I’d rather have, so it is clearly doing lots of things right. Maybe I’m just being fickle.

It will be interesting to see how the 991 Cabriolet drives in comparison as the comfort levels are supposed to have improved noticeably. But will this detract from the sports car experience that the 997 provides? Test-drive time will tell…

The 911 Years: A pressie for my Dad…

Working with Supercar Driver, I recently co-hosted an event in which 200 supercars turned up for a private function. As part of this, we had a professional photographer (Dom Fisher, DFishPix) who took pictures of all the cars.

I took my Dad with me on the day and he had a great time. Dom took a picture on the road with us both in the car – and we are both smiling! So, I had it printed poster-size, and then formatted the picture to look like the posters that you get in the Porsche showrooms. I was really pleased with the results and gave it to my Dad for fathers day. He was over the moon with it and has pride of place in my parents house now. 🙂

The 911 Years: Professional Pictures!

Whilst organising a shoot for a Lamborghini feature in a mag that I produce recently, I asked our photographer Dom Fisher (DFishPix) if he’d take a few snaps of my car whilst he was there and the car was relatively clean. I think the results are brilliant!

Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet - Black - Side View

Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet - Black - Side View

I hope you like them. If you’d like any pro pictures of your car doing, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with Dom. His prices are very reasonable and the photos are top quality! 🙂

The 911 Years: Top ups and Top Tips…

Its been a while since I posted anything about the 911, with winter being relatively hum-drum and uneventful, although there is an update on the Hard Top fitting.

The 996 hardtop (which i purchased) will fit the 997, but you need the older fixing kit to be installed in the car. Unfortunately, these are on back order with Porsche for an unspecified period of time. The kit was still no where in sight by March, several months after they were ordered, so I cancelled the order as the roof would have been coming off anyway. I’ve still got the hard-top and might try again in the winter to see if they are available.

Recently though I have been using the 911 most days as I can’t get new Evoque’s keys out of the clutched hands of one very happy – and very protective – Mrs Paul O. It was during this use that I noticed I needed some oil, which having now covered around 4,000 miles since I have owned it the computer reading on startup showing that it had reduced below an acceptable level. Cue a call to the legendary Revolution Russ to top up my car with oil – and me with tea.

As mentioned before, I’ve bought a baby seat for the car (Maxi Cosi Tobi) and had read that you can gain more space by removing the leather seats from the rears (leaving only carpet, much like in a Boxster). I asked Russ about this and Gareth (co-owner of Revolution) texted me with instructions on how to do it. As I still hadn’t got around to doing it (and truth be told – DIY is far, far, far removed from any of my worldly strengths), I asked Russ and his mechanic Scott if they wouldn’t mind whilst I was there…

Thirty minutes later and my car was topped up with oil, with back seats removed. Tea and conversation was supplied compliemntary – as was a bag of sweets to keep me entertained, because I am like a child and sweets make me happy.

The cost? Tea… nothing. Sweets… nothing. back seat removal? Zero. In fact, my only bill was for the oil which was also excellent value.

Babyseat Foibles
So, backseats out and all the way home I’m imagining the newly found acreage in the back of my car. So imagine my dismay when I got home to find that for my particular baby seat, removing the backseats is the worst thing you can do, and it doesn’t actually fit with the backs out!! This is because the Cabriolet has the rollover hoop bar behind the rear seats, which protrudes outwards when the seat backs are taken away.

A rather embarssing call went through to Russ again asking if they’d mind putting them back in for me. I dropped the car off the next day, and Scott worked his magic.

Russ also brought his own official Porsche babyseat to show me the difference between aftermarket, and the pukka jobs. Lesson learned.. I now have bought the official Porsche seat! And here is my wonderful little lady testing the seat, ready for a ride! 🙂

Isabelle in Porsche baby seat

Isabelle in Porsche baby seat

It’s really hard to knock Revolution Porsche and it definately pays to get to know your mechanics and strike up a good working relationship. Revolution are based very close to my workplace and as the 911 is now out of warranty, I’ll be continuing to use them! 🙂

Thanks again to Russ, Gareth and Scott. Stirling job as usual!!

The 911 Years: Hard top and baby seat purchased!

Baby Seat

My lil’ baby has got her own car seat! After reading several threads, I went for the Maxi Cosi Tobi car seat. It was a t*ss-up between this and a used Porsche item. However, we happened across a local baby shop that had a Tobi in, so took the plunge and bought it.

The shop tested the seat would fit before I purchased. It fits in the back seats, but only just. However, removing the cushioning for the lower section of the seat provides more room and a better fit (the cushion is simply velcro’ed in place). However, a point to note is that the Cabriolets have less room than the coupe models, so leg room is definitely at a premium!

Time will tell if it was the right choice – and that time will be in 5 months’ time! 🙂

I love hard tops. It’s like having a new car for the winter! So a spot of prudent ebay buying landed me a black hard top for just £161 !

I’ve gone for a 996 hard top, as these fit the 997 cars by installing the 996 spinlocks to the car. I believe the roof is the same for both models and am looking forward to getting it fitted. Revolution Porsche will again be my port of call – although they have confirmed that the cost price for spinlocks is actually more than the hard top itself! Yikes.

Collecting the hard top was fun – We went in a Nissan Navara – the biggest car I can lay my hands on, but the roof wouldn’t fit. Thankfully the guy I bought it from was a car dealer, so we ambled around the parking lot trying the roof in various vans and we found a winner in the form of a Ford Galaxy. Bringing it back to my house was a non starter as it was too far, but with my parents living at the midway point, he agreed to send one of his staff in the Galaxy to my folks house for a few extra quid (well, 39 of them to be precise – still a small price to pay for my buffoonary) . Phew!
Next up will be getting the locks fitted, then a trip to the folks’ house to install the roof. Can’t wait!!

The Alternative
I would have loved one of these, and was very excited when I found it on the web….

This is a Targa style roof for the 997 cabriolet. This would also mean that baby would be covered from the wind, whilst me and the missus could enjoy semi-convertibleness for family days out next year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be because the price of that cool piece of tech is an astronomical £10,000.

Yes, £10k for a roof. So I’ve got a normal Porsche one instead for £161…

The 911 Years: Insurance Time

Its that time of year again (groan), the insurance is due. My renewal quote came through from Admiral at £1180, which seemed a bit steep, so I had a chat with the meerkat who got the price down to £812. And who was this low bid from? Admiral!!

So I called Admiral who duly matched their own quote – until they realised that I had a child under 16 (I had forgotten to add this to the quote). Despite covering only 6,000 miles per year, and with my baby still too small to go in the car for at least 6 months (“We run the risk that you might put her in it at anytime sir” – I kid you not!!),  this increased the premium by a whopping£170!!! I’m not sure how having a tiny child in your car would ever make you more dangerous on the roads but apparently it does.

Somewhat angry at this I looked up quotes on instead. I also included child under 16 as part of the premium. And the best price?? £808! You’ll never guess who this cheap insurance is with…. Go on then I’ll tell you. It’s Admiral.

Insurance costs begger believe – £800 isn’t cheap at the best of times, but to spend a whole evening messing on the internet just to get the SAME insurer to give you their lowest quote is rediculous and shows just what a cowboy ransom industry the insurance business is.

Still, after a stressful nights work, my annual insurance for the Porker is £800. Job done for another year. Thankfully.

The 911 Years: Porsche Certificate of Authenticity

Porsche Certificate of Authenticity

Porsche Certificate of Authenticity

My Certificate of Authenticity has arrived! In a shiny silver folder, it tells me all about my car, so here are the finer points about this baby;

The 911 rolled off the production line on 13/4/2005, and was registered a couple of weeks later, originally sold by Porsche centre Wilmslow. It is bassalt black metallic with full black leather interior.

Optional extras are;
Windscreen with grey top tint, 6-CD autochanger, Sat Nav, Wheel Centre Cet (the coloured crests on the wheels), heated seats, BOSE Surround Sound, Park Assist, Cruise Control, 19″ Classic wheels, Sports exhaust and (new to me!) Homelink.

Having looked this up, it appears I have 3 extra buttons in the overhead console which allows for automatic opening and closing of an electic garage door. Guess what is now on my list of things-to-do around the house!! 🙂

Anyhoot, its a nice document to have and costs zero pounds and zero pence if your part of the PCGB. Great stuff!

The 911 Years: Detail and Paint Correction!

The 911 has been in for it’s bath! Tony Spears from AutoShine valeting has sorted out the paintwork good and propper.

Tony works from a specialist detailing bay, inside the premises of the Revolution Porsche specialist centre. He needed my car for a week to give it the love and attention that it deserves. The car looked good anyway, but it was missing that pazzaz. It definately needed a bit of TLC from the professionals, with swirl marks evident in the paintwork. Being a black car, it shows up all of the imperfections and I wanted it looking like new again.

In addition, Revolution said they would sort out my interior trim bit which hadn’t been fitted correctly, and top up my oil as well whilst they were at it. So the car was dropped off Monday morning and Spearsy got to work, with photo updates being provided on a daily basis via the Autoshine facebook page – a nice touch that allows you to see what is being done to your car as it happens!

Friday arrived and it was time for collection. The gallery below shows the “before”, “during”, “half-and-half” – and “after” pictures. And what a transformation! When I collected the car it looked pretty much brand new – the shine was an exmplorary mirror finish. Through Tony’s inspections, it is clear that the car has had a lot of paint during its life, but it has all been a good job and Tony’s attention to detail in the paint restoration means that you really can’t tell where the paint has been applied.

Inside, the car smells good and the leather upholstery feels supple again. The wheels have been fully cleaned and looked brand new, as does the engine which is gleaming. I’m hugely impressed with the results! Thanks Tony!

The Revolution guys have also done a great job – the falty interior trim now fits perfectly, the oil is full and in a surprise finding on the way home they have also tighened up the handbrake!

The overall result of all of this care and attention means that I feel like I have a new car now – rather than buying a high mile used model. It now feels like ‘my car’ and I’m really satisfied with my purchase!

About Revolution Porsche

I had been to Revolution previously, when Russ called me to tell me about the new business venture and invited me for a look around the new workshop, customer areas and reception. He told me their future plans, with strong customer satisfaction being a core principle and will undoubtably make this fledgling company one of the best in the business. The customer care and service that I have received to date has been excellent and the price is extremely competative. If your car needs servicing – or if you just want to chew the fat on all things Porsche-like, Revolution should be your first port of call.

The 911 Years: A 3 month Summary

Well folks, I’ve had the car for about 3 months now, and covered approximately 1500 miles. Most of those have been on fun events with Supercar Driver – had I not been doing those, I don’t think I would have got through my first tank of petrol yet. Yikes. Busy times with work and baby indeed! But when on the car runs though, this car is very enjoyable. Its very quick and will keep up with most things, although I still don’t have the handling confidence that I did with the Cayman.

Despite the miles, I’ve still not quite gelled with this car. With the Cayman, I was absolutely overjoyed within 10 minutes of driving it home, but the 911 still feels a bit “just a car”. Mrs Paul O isn’t that keen on driving it as its too “clunky” and hard work. I know what she means there – the clutch and gearbox aren’t as tactile as the Cayman. It feels more man-ish. Perhaps the reason for the lack of gel is the fact that since having baby Isabelle, we have only been out in it together once – for a couple of miles to the cinema. Maybe next year, when I can get a babyseat the fits in the back and it becomes a family-outing car this will change! I think what I really need is a convertible Cayman with back seats.

That said, the convertibleness is brilliant and I’m loving driving around with the top down. The car turns heads (maybe not as many as the Cayman – but that was bright red!) and has extra street-coolness being a 911. A friend’s young son recently found out that I’d got one and went nuts with excitement when we told him he can have a ride in it.

I had the driving ‘itch’ yesterday having not driven the car for a week or so, so took it for a spin around the block, to visit my local (and the words slowest) post office. The sports exhaust always puts a smile on my face!!

The sat nav didn’t work when I bought it, but this has now been sorted (by Strasse Leeds and billed to Redline – no hassle, great service). I love the satnav and the fact it tells you about problems on your journey. Very, very pleased with the tech on this car!

Posted Image

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago the car developed a slow puncture. But I wasn’t quick enough at pumping it up and it went completely flat, so I drove it a few hundred yards to the tyre shop who promptly told me that I’d fekked the tyre. So the £20 repair became a £380 new tyre. Whoops. Yes, I know about driving on a flat and yes I know it was stupid but for some reason I thought “its not far, it’ll be OK if I’m doing 2mph”. Expensive lesson learned.

The To-Do list
With winter on the way, the car will be used less than usual, so its a good time to get a few bits sorted out. There are a few things I’d like to get sorted on this car. One is an interior trim bit. The car has Bose and above the Subwoofer, the previous owner had a mobile phone holder attached to this, very badly. I had a new trim bit put on by Strasse, but they haven’t finished the job properly. I went to have a neb at Revolution Porsche’s new premesis a few weeks back and they took a look at it and said the screw thread is knackered, but they can sort it.

I also want;

  • The original brocuhre (ebay!),
  • A 1:18 scale model (ebay – but I haven’t found a black one yet! ),
  • A wind deflector
  • New car mats
  • A replacement owners manual (mine either didn’t come with one, or I have misplaced it! :-s )
  • Maybe a hard top (although no where to store it so probably not)
  • The car needs a good detail.
  • It also needs some pro-photography shots for the garage wall.
  • Perhaps a new gearnob to replace the existing one. I quite like the aluminum one from the Tequipment catalogue.
  • I’d also like a blue-tooth adapter, which can be fitted to the OEM nav unit, which will be ace but at £600 its foooooookin’ expensive so I’m on-the-fence at the minute given its not been used as a daily driver.

Next Up
The detail and the interior trim are being sorted next week. Revolution Porsche and Spearsy are taking care of that for me and I’m promised lots of before/after photos so that I can update this thread!

Photo’s soon…! Posted Image

Oh yeah…
I forgot to mention, I’ve also ordered a Certificate Of Authenticity yesterday! Browsing around the Porsche Inside Track site I found this option, they’ll send you details of your car, the build date, original selling dealer and the factory options – so I’ll finally be able to tell you what options my car actually has! Posted Image Normally £65, but free if your a PCGB member.

Event: Virgin Racing Factory Visit

An event organised as part of the Supercar Driver club, where 50 people had exclusive access to view the Virgin racing factory.
With two convoys from West Midlands and Yorkshire both congregated close to the factory, created a real buzz on the sleepy industrial estate.

Shortly afterwards, we all snaked over to the Virgin headquarters and were shown around the factory, getting a chance to view the racing cars, and the development areas up-close, being guided through by team principal John Booth. A large number of mechanics and race crew were also on hand to answer any questions that we had.

This private viewing of F1 racing was facinating – not least for the true understanding of the cost of this fine motorsport. In one example, we were shown the steering wheels. There were six in stock, with each one costing £60,000!

This was a money-can’t-buy experience, with all visitors donating to a charity raffle, raising almost £2,000 for the local Children’s Hospice.