Evoque Blog: Icy Windows

Well, things have been going most swimmingly with the Evoque these past few months with no major issues to report.

It’s our family car and both myself and my good lady like it lots. With the cold of winter now firmly set in, the heaters and heated seats are getting a good workout. When initially purchased, the seats took an age to warm up the first time but now spring to life in good time keeping ones back nice and toasty.

With the cold weather, comes early morning ice and unfortunately on one occasion this ice froze up the driver’s window. At least that’s what I thought, but a week later the window still wouldn’t go down. Pressing the rocker switch you could hear the window move ever so slightly before stopping as though it was still frozen. Time for a call to the dealership and we were booked in the following week.

The window was checked as we pulled into the car park at the dealership, still broken. Keys handed over and we got a call shortly afterwards “No fault found”. Typically, the car had healed itself just before its check-up!

But the good news is that our Evoque had a much needed bath, courtesy of the garage and hopefully the issue won’t occur again – I’ll be sure to report back if it does! 🙂

Evoque Blog: ECO Fixed

The stop/start issue has now been resolved. I received a call from my dealership on Monday to say Land Rover had provided a download which needed to be applied to my car.

Download applied this morning, it took about an hour all in whilst I was plied with tea and biscuits. A great, personal, friendly service from the service engineer (Rob).

Tried and tested, it is all working again so whatever the problem was it looks like LR have found it and fixed it. Marvellous!!

Evoque Blog: ECO No More!

I noticed a few weeks ago that the “Eco” option wasn’t working any more. When coming to a halt and putting into neutral the car should ordinarily switch off to save fuel. The ECO light was switched on at the centre console but nothing was happening – even after a good motorway drive.

The car was taken to Land Rover Wakefield and the service was very good. The engineer came out, introduced himself and clarified his understanding of the problem. Car abandoned, we went to Leeds for some lunch (my birthday! 🙂 ). He called me later in the afternoon to say that, although they couldn’t find a problem, LR HQ are aware of reports of this problem and are still looking into it. A technical bulletin had been issued and my car had been duly registered as one of the affected cars.

As it isn’t a life threatening problem, I collected the car (fully cleaned, very pleased – it had been neglected recently and was turning into a rather unbecoming shade of brown) and am waiting a call back on a fix.

To my surprise though, this week the issue has resolved itself. Intermittent faults, pfff the worst kind.

But for anyone reading this, if you get a similar problem it is a known issue, just without a resolution as yet. Let your local dealer know as the HQ engineers might want to do an inspection on a faulty car.

Happy driving folks!

Evoque Blog: Ownership, just under 5 months now…

hmmm… I think one of the rear lights might have a minor hole in it, as washing the car last week I noticed it was condensing up from the inside. Need to get that checked out….hmmm… I think one of the rear lights might have a minor hole in it, as washing the car last week I noticed it was condensing up from the inside. Need to get that checked out….

Evoque Blog: A Three-Month Update

Still loving the Evoque, its bloomin’ marvellous. Very comfortable and a relaxing drive. I’m not sure about the stop-start functionality though. On my daily commute, there isn’t a lot of opportunity for this function to really work as traffic generally moves at crawling pace, as opposed to fully stopping for long periods. I’m told that the system benefits you financially after only three seconds of being stationary, but all too often I find myself holding the clutch as I can see the traffic will move in less than this. If the Eco mode turns off the engine and you need it to restart immediately, it does get caught out and you get a message on the dash saying to re-engage neutral and start the process again.

But it does have its benefits, especially in the town centres. Leeds is particularly bad at rush hour and you can spend an age not moving – it really comes into its own in areas like this. I do worry about the longevity of a function such as this. In heavy traffic, the car stops and starts a lot. Should it be a concern? Only time will tell!
Everything else is spot on!

Evoque Blog: One Month On

Having owned the car for a month now and covered 500 miles, there are a few things that we’ve noticed. The first is that the MPG is way off what is quoted (circa 50mpg). We have been getting around 32mpg on a combined cycle, although the car has been used much less than usual on the motorways. A very recent motorway and city drive however returned a computer indicated 36mpg but this is still way short of quote figures.

The stereo system sounds excellent – lots of punchy bass and plenty of clarity through the mid and high ranges. We have an older generation iPod which was initially not recognised by the Evoque, but I have since found the solution to this (update the software via iTunes!).

In terms of options, there is one that we would definitely spec if we bought again – that is front parking sensors. For less than £300 it was an oversight to miss this off the list, as the car is very big and those sensors would have been extremely handy. Possibly the electronic boot closure too, as it requires a good old push to get it to close first time. More often than not, I have to re-open and then slam down if I’ve taken an occasion to let gravity take some of the weight on my behalf.

Other than that, we are overjoyed with the car. A great looking big-small car with a prestigious interior and lots of gadgets to play with. Turns lots of heads too!

Evoque Blog: Welcome to the family, Evoque!

Evoque Running Report

Well here it is! After a 6 month wait (which worked to our favour, so didn’t mind the delay at all), our Range Rover Evoque has arrived.

The Backstory
This is our family car, which will be replacing our Ford Fiesta (great cars by the way). When we bought the funky Fiesta three years ago we went for the better looking three-door model. However, as we now have a new addition, turning us from a 30-something couple into a 30-something family, the lack of rear doors was becoming a pain – clambering in and out whilst balancing your leg against the front seats (which roll back all the time!), all the while ensuring not to bash the car next to you in a car park made up our minds to change cars. Time for a 5-door and our search originally took us to the Ford Kuga. A very nice car and was the one most likely to take us – and our ever increase amounts of baby luggage – through the next chapter in our lives.

Looking elsewhere in the market, we discovered that Audi had announced the imminent launch of the Q3. A 4×4 that looked car-like and Audi’s cabin quality is always nice. The launch wasn’t due for a few more weeks, so I suggested we have a look at an alternate in the meantime – the new Evoque. “I don’t want a big farmers car” was the reply from my good lady. I convinced her that is was worth a look and as we arrived on the forecourt, it was pretty much a done-deal as soon as we arrived.

A white Evoque was sat proudly at the entrance and wowed Mrs. Paul O on sight. We went in and had a closer look – the interior was just as good as the exterior. It appeared nicely put together with lovely materials. The test drive was an enjoyable experience, with ride comfort being just what we were looking for. The amount of standard equipment was substantial, compared with the Kuga and the A3 – which to spec to a similar level became very close price-wise.

We put the idea on ice for a few weeks, to check out the Q3 when it arrived, but compared to the Evoque it looked very bland inside. As a result, a deposit was placed on the Evoque with a six-months wait.

The Dealership Experience.
This was something of a mixed bag. Our salesman was the head sales guy in the dealership and it wasn’t hard to see why. A through-and-through Land Rover enthusiast with a friendly, relaxed personality made him very easy to deal with. Unfortunately, he was highly in demand so call-backs were difficult and the chance of talking to him via an on-spec stop were nigh on impossible.

Range Rover Evoque - Collection Day!

Range Rover Evoque – Collection Day!

But not nearly as impossible as the receptionist, who would be better suited at a doctors surgery as getting past her was a task in itself. Underneath the well turned out exterior was a real snake tongue, with some of the comments including “I’ve got my own job to do” (I hadn’t asked her to do anything, merely asked if the cars outside were unlocked), and the phrase “As I’m sure you can appreciate…” was used on an occasion when I was asking why none of my calls had been returned in the past few days.

That particular conversation was around the fact my salesman was busy with another customer at the time. I asked when he would be free, which she didn’t know and followed up with “As I’m sure you can appreciate, you wouldn’t want to be interrupted if you were that customer”, (I didn’t ask for him to be interrupted) to which I reminded her that I was already a customer and if, after putting down ones deposit you were unable to actually talk to the salesman to complete the deal, it puts one in a difficult position. “Well, I don’t know about that, you’ll have to speak to him”. Errmmm…!! Was there anyone else I could speak to perhaps? “No” was the curt reply.

Anyhow, we carried on despite concerns around communication and it all came good in the end. Call backs are still a problem – the finance guy took several attempts to get him to ring us back, and we only got a call back from the servicing team around the packages that they offer after feedback in my post-purchase survey said I’ll be taking my business to Sytner if I don’t get a call that day. The Dealer Principle called a few hours after posting the survey to apologise and the calls from there where expectedly prompt.

Range Rover Evoque - Collection Day 2

Range Rover Evoque – Collection Day 2

But, that minor niggle – and moan over, let’s get onto the good stuff… the actual car itself!!!

The Evoque
We went for the Evoque Pure TD4 model. A 2WD is available (called “eD4”) – but we were buying a Land-Rover so made sense to get a 4WD model. Plus it means I can do some off-roading if I’m ever allowed (unlikely, but the 4WD should be a little safer in poor weather conditions).

The 4WD is an electronic gizmo, with settings for Road, off-road, Sand and snow (I think!). Off-road switches on hill-decent control as well. We received a free voucher when we collected the car to do the Land Rover off-road experience to really learn how the 4WD functions work, so are looking forward to that!

We were on the fringe of affordability with this car as our daily driver, so the optional spec is relatively sparse. Plus, as a Yorkshireman I couldn’t justify some of the outlandish prices for some of the fancier stuff. SatNav was about £1,500, so that was out in favour of my £100 TomTom, as was the automatic gearbox, which was only available in the higher powered engine – meaning an additional £3,500. But to be honest, the manual box is a peach and I’m not disappointed with it.

The trademark Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are also absent from the lower range cars (including ours). All Evoques come with DRLs as standard, but for the full-on aggressive effect that you see in the marketing-material, you have to spec Xenon lights at around £800.

The options we went for were bigger wheels (the middle option to balance looks and ride comfort), front fog lights and the fantastic panoramic roof. Metallic paint was optional (naturally), as was the black headlining, which looked better, as we went for black leather.

The standard equipment is excellent; heated leather interior, partial electric seats, a wonderful Meridian sound system, full iPod connectivity, Bluetooth and touch screen audio system. DAB radio is also standard – that means Planet Rock and Absolute 80’s — Fantastic!

The boot is nice and big and can swallow all of our paraphernalia – but it isn’t enourmous. Coming from the Fiesta it is a breath of fresh air. The ride is lovely and comfortable, it is quiet inside and the engine is punchy enough, with that diesel torque making it feel faster than it is.

It is a wonderful car and feels like one that we will grow into as we get older and our daughter gets bigger. As things stand – assuming it doesn’t have oodles of problems, this car is planned as a long term keeper.

Are we happy with it? Absolutely!! The only caution to prospective buyers is that this is a wiiiiiide car. It is about the length of a Ford Focus, but the width is extraordinary. To say it is tight in my garage is an understatement –parking it in there means getting out of the boot!

I think it is time for a bigger house…

Range Rover Evoque - Red with 19" Alloys

Range Rover Evoque – Red with 19″ Alloys


Choosing a colour

Initially, my other half chose white – it was the one in the showroom and it looked fantastic. With the black paneramic roof and black interior, the whole thing would have been a funky black-and-white combo. However, my good lady has always preferred cars in colours that are less likely to be chosen and when she saw one in the lime green we immediately swapped for this, citing that more people will be buying a white one than the green. The green also looked really good under the studio lights and it was this colour until the 11th hour, when we went in and the dealer had a white, green and red one all lined up in a row! It was a long deliberation, but we went in the end for the red as she thought she’d be happier with this colour for longer (we had spoken about running this car for a very long time if we were to buy one).

So, red it was!! And we’ve seen a lot of white ones on the road, so this was a good choice I think. Its nice to stand out. 🙂

The handling is good around town, but I regard this more as a comfy cruiser than a sports mobile so haven’t tried it to its limits. Realistically, if you want something to throw into corners with a huge smile on your face, you are unlikely to be at the Land Rover dealership anyway. The seats are very nice and comfortable and the lofty driving position feels good; one does feel very relaxed when driving this car.

Despite being the lower powered engine at 150bhp, it still has plenty of poke for a big car and it feels more than quick enough for day to day running. The torque-y diesel makes overtaking on motorways a straightforward affair, the car picks up quickly around town and 6th gear ensures a quiet ride.


Initial impressions, very good and we are looking forward to family life with this comfy car!