Evoque Blog: Broken lock and a flat tyre

Door locks.

In recent weeks, the drivers door has developed a fault, in that when unlocked from the keyfob it only partially unlocks the door, with the locking mechanism on the inside only moving slightly. So to allow the door to actually open, you have to pull the lock from the inside.

I called the Land Rover Wakefield and from my description believe they know what the issue is. I just need to get it booked in, looking at about £150-250 to fix it. Ouch. We are three and a half years into ownership, the car has done just over 40,000 miles now, so I guess we’ll be starting to see just how hard-wearing these new Land Rover cars really are.

Evoque Flat Tyre

Evoque Flat Tyre

Flat Tyre.

Upon arriving at work, I noticed that the front drivers-side tyre wasn’t looking its optimum. I went back a few hours later to find the tyre as flat as a pancake. Not wanting to use the tyre-weld, which turns your tyre into a one-time use only and therefore an expensive repair, I borrowed an electric pump from a colleague, restored the tyre to good state of pressure and drove the car immediately up to a local, recomended tyre repair shop. They were very efficient too; fifteen minutes later and £10 lighter, my car was good as new. Happy days!

Evoque Blog: Third Service

Three years and one day and the car had its third service and first MOT. Both were completed without issue and I was provided with a FreeLander as a courtesy car. I have to say that, although the car is quite similar to the Evoque, as a package it is miles apart from the Evoque, which feels more luxurious, refined and responsive.

The dealer (Wakefield) also noticed my key fob was starting to peel, so they replaced this at no cost and gave the car a thorough external clean, completely removing the rubber/key marks from the paintwork. I valeted the interior myself last weekend and at 33,000 miles, our red Evoque now looks like a brand new car again.

The dealer service was fantastic, I received another video update of my car too and whilst I was collecting my car, I renewed my Service Plan, so I have another 3 years of servicing in the bag for about £36 a month. I think this is really good value, and at only around £100 more than a Specialist Independent I see no reason to use them over the main dealer. I get a free MOT, courtesy car and the obligatory theft of a few cans of Diet Coke from the main-dealer fridge and a mooch around a rather nice showroom. What’s not to like? 🙂

Evoque Blog: Possible Jeep Swap?


So, we took a look at the new Jeep Cherokee as a possible replacement to the Evoque. A car that hadn’t even entered our consciousness became something of a desire after sitting in one in a local shopping centre and finding the seats really comfortable. They look quite funky and different too, whereas the Evoque is now ubiquitous up and down the country.

However, after crunching the numbers – even with some extraordinarily generous offers on at Jeep presently, we felt the cost-to-change wasn’t worth some of the sacrifice in ergonomic design. If we were to change, the new Discovery Sport would probably be the strongest contender instead.


Evoque Blog: Keyed!

Evoque Scratch

Evoque Scratch

Well, at first glance, I thought it had been keyed, but on closer inspection it looks like some moron has got too close to the car and scraped all down the side of the car with a bag, or handle bars from a bike – or something similar. Inconsiderate buffoons.

Evoque Blog: 3 Years and Counting

An ownership update.

Three years. Blimey. It’s hard to believe that we’ve owned this car for getting close to three years now. It has been a great, reliable car so far – and contrary to Land Rovers legendary ‘reliability’ of the past, nothing has fallen off yet – great stuff!

The boot is back to squeaking again when you close it, so I wonder if that was missed on the last service. It’s a minor point though and something that I’ll get looked at on its three year service in a couple of weeks’ time.

On that point, it’s time for a little reflection and recap. We bought our TD4 in 2012 and we spec’d bigger wheels, panoramic roof, front fogs, black headlining and nothing else. We also purchased the 3 year servicing deal, so this years’ service will be the last before we start stumping up the going rate each year.

I was looking a few weeks ago at the price of a possible replacement Evoque and there are still only two things that I would spec if we were to ‘upgrade’. Those options are front parking sensors (not because we’ve hit anything – quite the opposite, we are always miles away), and an automatic gearbox – purely because I’m getting older and more lazy on the commute.

However, my daily commute has shrunk significantly in the past year or so and so the want of an Auto is nowhere near strong enough to justify the exuberate cost demanded by both shiny-new-thing and our evil friend ‘depreciation’. The latter however, hasn’t been too nasty when it comes to Evoque ownership. We Buy Any Car are offering strong money for quick trade-in, and a quote last month was (if memory serves) actually higher than what Land Rover offered me as a part-x almost a year ago. Something to think about there.

When it comes to not crashing into things, the front sensors don’t warrant the hefty uplift either. So, basically, the current car will be staying for now. I find it is very comfortable and on long commutes – a monthly 6-hour round day-trip is a killer, but I arrive there and back relatively relaxed – a stark contrast to doing this same journey in my 17 year old Audi A4 Shed, last year.

And if you are planning on buying an Evoque too – my recommendation is the Panoramic roof is a must. It’s great. And don’t forget the front fog lights too – they are truly fantastic on dark country lanes at night.

Lights out

One of the headlights has blown. And my word that’s a mission and a half to fix. You have to remove the grill, and take out the headlight in order to put in a new bulb following what appears to be some back-of-the-fag-packet type instructions. So much for the Euro requirement of having a spare set of bulbs in your car, when it comes to the Evoque, you need a full spanner set and tool box too. Ridiculous, Land Rover! Another job for the upcoming service as we rarely use the car in the evening so I’ll avoid an afternoon of swearing at the car and several cut fingers and let LR bask in their own misery on that one.

Blind Spot monitoring – Retrofit

Now, this is one option that I flatly refused to pay the Land Rover Ransom. Hundreds of hard-earned Great British pound notes of an electronic ‘blind spot’ monitor was, at best, ridiculous. Most – if not all – other cars these days come with the divided wing mirror, where it elongates the field of vision towards the outer of the mirror, thus reducing or eradicating any dangerous blind spot for the casual, unsuspecting motorist.

Unfortunately, I have found that, despite having mirrors so large that it would put a superstars dressing room to shame, the Evoque features a gargantuan blind spot in which comet landings and earthquakes have been known to occur at the side of an Evoque driver, without him even having the slightest hint of the cataclysmic chaos engulfing the world around him. OK, perhaps not that extreme (perhaps), but I have noticed that it is entirely possible to join a motorway from a slip road onto lane one and that elements of traffic in both lanes two AND three are completely absent from your field of vision. And as the flow of the road continues along as you join, if you wish to momentarily join lane two you can easily find yourself parked on top of an unsuspecting fellow motorist if you don’t check over your shoulder.

In an effort to remove this issue once and for all, I have chosen to retrofit a blind spot monitoring system. The great news is that you can save hundreds of pounds from Land Rovers finery – a trip to Halfords is all you need:

Evoque Blind Spot Retrofit

Evoque Blind Spot Retrofit

OK, it might be a little nineties, I agree. But I’d much rather listen to “2 Unlimited” than hang out with Dick Turpin.

Evoque Blog: New tyres and stoppers

Freelander Courtesy Car

Freelander Courtesy Car

Following my previous post the Evoque was taken to the workshop for a few items fixing. New tyres and brakes and the hinge on the passenger door has been fixed. No issues to report, and Land Rover Wakefield held good on their promise and price matched the tyres.

All completed for £564.

Courtesy car was a Freelander. I was away on business at the time but my wife tells me it was ‘OK’. It had a bigger boot, but wasn’t as stylish and felt a bit sluggish. So there you go.

Interestingly, I also received an email video from the dealership – it was the workshop technician just reporting that the checks had completed and no issues to report. A nice touch I thought!

Evoque Blog: Minor Fault, booked in.

The Evoque is running well and still returning in the early 30-mpg’s for fuel. On long runs it gets into the higher 30’s but rarely more than that.

It has developed a fault with the passenger front door though, which creaks painfully as you open and close it. Looking closer, it looks like the centre bracket has become a bit loose. The car still needs new tyres and brakes from the service recommendations, so I’ve booked it in today. The list is as follows:

  • New tyres (front) Continental.
  • New brake pads (rear).
  • Fix the creaking.
  • Look at the squeaky boot.

Booked in for next Wednesday, courtesy car reserved.

Also interestingly, Wakefield Land Rover has stated they price match against tyre quotes. I’ve given them the quote I’ve had, so will see if they come good on their promise.

Evoque Blog: Evoque Clean!

Our Evoque is regularly treated to a £5 hand wash special at the local petrol station, but the inside is only ever cleaned out occasionally. It was beginning to look a little too ‘lived in’, so I put a call in to Tony Spears who owns Autoshine specialist detailing. He has worked on my cars in the past. As the Evoque is only 2 years old, and a daily workhorse I didn’t want the full detailing package, but just a spruce up inside and outside. Tony completed the work in the day and our little red off-roader is now fully polished and protected with the inside looking good as new.

Particular note is the cup holders, which seem to attract all kinds of micro dirt, and they looked positively sparkling again. Here are a few pictures (apologies they aren’t great quality, these are iPhone snaps as I didn’t have my camera on me):

A couple of days later it was covered in grass on the inside again, after my good lady wife did a sponsored charity ‘muddy run’ across a large field on a particularly wet day. Armed with passengers that day too, it is now due another clean, which I’ll sort with the Dyson over the next few days. It won’t be as good as Tony’s efforts, but at least it’ll be nice again. 🙂

If you need yours either valeting or full detail restoration, give Tony a call. www.autoshinespecialistvaleting.co.uk



The Evoque is still going great guns so far, with no issues to report. Perhaps a minor point is the boot squeaks a bit when you close it, which I assume is the hydraulic ram jobbies. I’ll get that looked at next service as it isn’t a big thing.

I’ve also noticed that the newer Evoques all have the Land Rover badge jutting out of the centre grill. Personally, I think it looks a bit naff as it isn’t flush with the grill. Thankfully mine is an older model and doesn’t have this cosmetic feature but retains the original cleaner look. 🙂

Evoque Blog: Service and Finance

So, a couple of things happened this month. The Evoque was due for its second service and along with this it had a new piece of window trim fitted to the rear passenger door. This black piece of plastic had always been slightly warmed on ours, so a new part was ordered.

This was fitted as part of the warranty and, as I have a service plan on the Evoque, this was also completed with no bill to pay.

Warnings from the service checks were the brake pads, which have reached 4mm at the rear, and one of the tyres is now down to 3mm. I think both of these have still got plenty of life left in them to be honest and to change would be slightly premature. I’m told the rear brake pads start at 10mm, with the fronts at 12mm with MOT fail at 1.5mm. At the close of summer I think I’ll get both front tyres and the rear brake discs sorts.

For now though, a clean bill of health. And a clean car too – LR give it a good wash as part of the deal.

In other news, as the Evoque is now 2 years old the finance agreement was ending with a balloon payment owed. Now, they wrote to us six months ago but since then nothing. Not a word of reminder. I realised, purely by chance when sorting out some papers at the weekend that I’d got two days left to pay!! LR Finance will automatically request the whole amount via direct debit at the end of the agreement. So we had two days to find twenty grand. No mean feat as most of our money is heavily tied up and can’t be quickly released.

If push came to shove, we could have got the money but I wanted to refinance the deal. A call to LR Finance and a conversation with the most disintegrated female operative I’ve ever spoke to meant they wouldn’t be getting any repeat business. I hung up and called the payments line instead and asked for a few days grace whilst I got the money in place. “No problem” they said, which was great.

In the meantime I called Tony at Supercar Finance. I’ve used them in the past and they are fantastic – and turned the whole thing around in 2 days!

So deal all done and we’re back at £250 per month for our lovely Evoque. Can’t grumble at that. 🙂

We had also considered upgrading the Evoque to a new SD4 Auto model, but with the bathroom deciding to eject water into the dining room a few weeks ago, that idea has been put on hold for 12 months. We were due a new bathroom anyway, so might as well go the whole hog and we’ll look at the cost of a new Evoque in 2015.

Evoque Blog: Post-work update!

The Evoque went into the dealers and they have fixed the parcel shelf and carried out the recall work.

With regards the burning smell, they couldn’t find anything wrong but have said that under normal circumstances this could occur and shouldn’t be cause for concern. Apologies, I can’t elaborate further as the good lady Wife was in charge of the drop-off and the return due to work commitments on my side.

What she did get for the day though was the new SD4 complete with the 9-speed automatic gearbox. This went down a storm, to the point whereby we are considering possibly upgrading our TD4 manual to this. Just looking at the financials at the minute to see if we can make it work for us. Cost to change is about £3,500 as things stand but I’ll report back with the full financials once I’ve done all the maths! 🙂

Evoque Blog: Back to the dealers!

So, I’ve mentioned in my previous posts that the Evoque needs to go in for a recall. I also want the parcel shelf fixing and the trim on the window replacing/fitting properly.

As the service is due next month, I was going to wait until then and have a job-lot done together. However, earlier this week, my wife mentioned that she has smelt burning a few times so thought we’d better get it in pronto.

Booked in for next Wednesday – will let you know what they find!

Evoque Blog: New Year Updates

Happy New Year folks!

Car Seat

We have now purchased a new car seat for our little lady – who had outgrown her old car seat. In the end, we went for the Maxi Cosi RodiFix, in pink. This fits via the IsoFix and slots in nicely in the Evoque. 🙂

Recall and Problems

Evoque Broken Parcel Shelf

Evoque Broken Parcel Shelf

We’ve had a letter through advising of a recall on the Evoque and need to get this booked in. However, its due a service in a couple of months so might just get it all done at the same time. A few niggles have developed in that time which I will get looked at. Firstly, the boot squeaks from the right hand side bar when you close it. There is also a piece of trim that doesn’t stick correctly; this is the black window trim on the rear passenger door. It protrudes slightly upwards and needs sticking down. It has been like it since we bought it, but keep forgetting to mention it to the dealer.

The final thing – in an act of buffoonery with an overloaded car packed with Christmas goodies, I snapped off the small plastic screw which holds the parcel shelf to the boot. I’ll ask for the dealer to fix that come service time in early March and report back.

Other stuff

MPG is still woefully circling around the 32mpg mark – a far cry from the official quoted figures. Everything else is fine though and is proving to be a great family car – it took us to Centerparcs in November for a week’s holiday. We packed all of our holiday goods and the Evoque provided a lovely comfortable journey to Cumbria. We are considering a roof rack so that we can journey further afield and not have to use the passenger seat for ‘stuff’. The roof bars are expensive though, but still on the to-do list for 2014/2015.

Evoque Blog: Baby Seat foibles!

With our daughter having just had her second birthday its time to start looking at the next stage of babyseats.

We currently have a Maxi Cosi (Pearl?) which is connected via an ISOFIX base unit. It is a very nice car seat and fits nicely in the Evoque.

For the next step we were going to max out on pinkness and go for one of the Cosatto range. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be as when the experts in the shop tried to fit it, they said it wasn’t safe due to the shape of the Evoque’s rear seats. We tried several, none of which fitted and were ultimately told that ISOFIX would be our best option as it is unlikely that a seatbelt fitment child seat would be safe on the Evoque seats.

A point to note is that it did fit in, but told it wasn’t secure enough due to the shape of the seats. Something to consider if you are in a similar position.

So, we are now looking at IsoFix seats and Brittax have a new range out which fits the bill. We’ll be purchasing in the next few months so will keep you posted. If anyone has got a different seat, please let me know your experiences and which one you went for.


Evoque Blog: Service and Snow.

Small update, nothing major to report really. The car is now 1 year old, and so due its service. I took out the service plan when I bought the car to take advantage of the (relatively small) discount on offer by paying upfront.

LR called me a few times to book it in and we took it to the dealers, left it there for the day and it came back all serviced! Hurrah. Very straightforward, no problems at all. 🙂

In other news, the car has coped with the recent snowfall very well – no problems whatsoever.

Mileage just hit 11,000 so its getting some good family use. It will be interesting to see how the interior holds up to the punishment its getting over time…! 🙂

Evoque Blog: Window sticking problem – and a DIY solution!

So, it happened again. One frosty morning and I tried the drivers window and it wouldn’t drop – and since then it wouldn’t go down again.

I put a call in to LR servicing, who said that they have had a lot in recently with the spate of cold weather and there is a simple solution. So here it is, if anyone gets a similar issue;

When you drop the window, if it is frozen shut then the anti-trap mechanism kicks in thinking there is something in the way of the window. This then sets this position as being the lower most down position and therefore you window won’t go down any further.

Solution… (when it isn’t frosty!)… press the window switch down fully until the window stops, then pull the window switch up fully and once at the top, hold for 5-6 seconds (you hear the switch make 2 clicks, which is the point where the one-touch window is normally activated). This resets the upper most position. The window will now go down. When it gets to the bottom, do the same again for the lower position by holding the switch down fully for 5-6 seconds (same process as the up-position). This resets the lowest position of the window.

Ta-Daa! One fixed window.

Hope that helps someone! I had to do it a few times to get it to work, but it did work. 🙂