Cayman Diaries

Review of my 3 year ownership of the Porsche Cayman 2.7

Cayman Dairies: Bye Bye Cayman! :-(

We’ll folks, today marks the end of my amazing ownership experience with the Porsche Cayman.

Washed, polished, vac’d and cleaned last night, the shining red paintwork looked positively stunning as we arrived at Manchester airport to do the handover to Debbie and Derek, it’s new Scottish owners.

The car will enjoy a 9 hour drive back to John O’Groats where it will take up reseidence for the foorseable future. I sincerely hope its new owners have as much fun in the car as my good lady and I have. The best car I have ever owned in the best colour with some great optional toys to keep those drives entertaining, whether they be fast ones, or sedate ones.


Last day with me :(

Last day with me 🙁

Cayman Diaries: The Final Checks…

The Cayman went in for its pre-sale inspection this month and as expected passed without a hitch. The only warning being the RMS oil seal, which came as no surprise. Porsche dealerships seem to be mighty keen on this easy-money seal replacement.

The clutch sensor switch also wasn’t being as pro-active as I’d like so a week later I took it back to John at Porsche Euro to sort out. I wanted to ensure the new owners have as enjoyable experience with the car as I have, so elected to have this work done before they collected the car.

20 minutes and a free coffee later and John had sorted out my clutch sensor. “No charge” I was informed. Worra guy!! “I replaced it not too long ago for you so I’ll take it up with Porsche on your behalf”.

Nice blokes at Porsche Euro – recommended as always.

Cayman Diaries: Up for sale!!

In the classifieds...

In the classifieds...

Well folks, after almost 3 fabulous years with the Cayman it is time for her to leave the stables. We have a baby on the way, so something more family orientated will now be required. After just two weeks of advertising, the deal was done and the car will be going to live coast-side at the top of the UK – just 14 miles from John O’Groats!

The handover date is fixed for 10th June. 🙁

Cayman Diaries: Cover Star!

I wrote an article on the Cayman vs a friends 911 Turbo (comparing the uncomparable!) and submitted it to the Porsche Owners Club magazine. I’m delighted to say that they printed the article, and it was the cover shot. So, my little Cayman is now famous. Hurrah!

The photos from the article were done by Dom Fisher and were simply superb. I’ll publish the article, along with some of the photos on this very website soon. In the meantime here is a picture of the cover for you! 🙂

Cayman vs 911 Turbo, on the cover of Porsche Post

Cayman vs 911 Turbo, on the cover of Porsche Post

Cayman Diaries: New Stoppers

I’ve been putting it off, but it was time to get the car in for some new brake discs and pads on the front. The Cayman hasn’t been used too much recently due to the winter weather, so its old stoppers had lasted longer than expected. At just over 38,000 miles my Cayman has a new set of Genuine Porsche items. A point to note is that this is around 15,000 miles AFTER Porsche issued me an advisory on my MOT saying that the brakes were due. That was 18 months ago!!

My new brakes have been on now for a month and haven’t had any problems thus far. They were fitted by Revolution-Porsche in Brighouse, just of J25 of the M62, chosen due to their location close to my work and they have good reports across the internet.

I wasn’t disappointed, upon arrival I was greeted by Rus, one of the owners who showed me around and introduced me to the team. Russ is the general manager at Revolution and Scott is the Technical Director, who will be working on my car today. All of the mechanics there are former Official Porsche Centre employees and fully trained with relevant diagnostics equipment.

I was taken upstairs to the waiting area, adjacent to the office whilst my car was sorted. The waiting room nicely decorated with lots of display model cars of all different Porsche cars from the ages. It also features magazines a-plenty, wi-fi connection whilst I waited and tea and biscuits were provided for the duration.

The price was incredibly reasonable, undercutting the genuine Porsche garage by around 40% – even after the OPCs best discounts.

Great service and great prices. I’d recommend Revolution if you  need work doing on your car – my car will certainly be going back there for its future maintenence.

Cayman Diaries: Supercar Driver Feature

Here we are, nearly at the end of 2010. What a busy year it has been!! The site hasn’t been updated much in the last couple of months due to me working on the new Supercar Driver members magazine. It can be purchased via the MagCloud website if you’d like to have a look, and features articles and features written by myself and several other enthusiasts. Click  here to preview and buy. You can also join Supercar Driver and get future penned editions of my work for free here.

The Cayman is also featured in a few articles.. Feedback is always welcome! I hope you have enjoyed my updates through 2010 on my Cayman and all things Porsche like, along with my other ramblings on various topics and cars. I’ll continue to keep my Motorcloud website up to date with various articles and reviews – and of course, they Cayman diaries will be kept updated – serving as a running report for anyone considering a similar purchase! 🙂

Here is to a great 2011 – I hope its a good one for you all!

Supercar Driver Magazine Advert

Supercar Driver Magazine Advert

Cayman Diaries: MOT Time

Whoops! Due to working away and then a bunch of holidays recently I haven’t been using the Cayman much during the week and I completely forgot that it was due its MOT on September 1st. I booked it in yesterday and the MOT was carried out at Porsche Leeds today.  It passed with flying colours, but I still get that tentative feeling whilst any of my cars are in being inspected!

Then, just as I was about to drive off, one of the rear brake lights failed. I got a warning on the dashboard – most impressive as I hadnt realised that it does this. I wandered back in and the dealer put me another bulb in free of charge. They also gave the car a full clean inside and out as part of the MOT and it looks and smells lovely again. Hurrah!

Professional Photos
The Cayman has recently had some professional photos done as part of a feature I have written comparing my Camyan 2.7 to the mighty 911 Turbo. I can’t put them online as yet as my article is going to be published in the Porsche Post UK owners club magazine! Happy days indeed. As soon as the mag has been released I’ll put the photos on here for one and all to enjoy!


Cayman Diaries: New Plugs and Sensor

Failure notice warned of a broken temperature sensor

Failure notice warned of a broken temperature sensor

Over the past few weeks, the “Failure Indicator” light has come back on intermittently. I called my Porsche specialist garage who said its likely to be a fault with the coolant temperature sensor – apparently a lot of these are being replaced at the minute.

The Cayman went in for its fix today as I’m off on another jolly jaunt with the Supercardriver club on Sunday and didn’t want to risk the problem occurring again.

Whilst it was in I elected to have the 4 year sparkplug change completed. This isn’t due for another month but figured whilst its in, I might as well have it sorted out.

They also adjusted the handbrake for me as this had got a little increased play over the few years I’ve owned it.

2 hours later, I’d got a new temperature sensor, lots of lovely sparking bits and a tighter handbrake. My wallet lost £115, but thats not a terribly high amount of money giving the few hours worth of work that was put in.

If you need a specialist in the Pontefract-Barnsley area, I’d recommend Porsche Euro.

Cayman now happy. Paul now happy.

Cayman Diaries: New Tyres

With summer on the cusp of arriving here in the UK I thought it was time to show off the car to its best potential and put the 18″s back on. I’ve been delaying the change over due to the increased firmness of the ride on the bigger wheels. However, a recent invite to the Sheffield Supercar Sunday meant that I wanted my little motor to be looking its very best.

The rear tyres were down to the nuckle so purchased some new ones from The price was a reasonable, but not particularly cheap £530 for a pair of Mitchelin Pilot Sports, fully fitted. These are the same tyres that I’ve always had on the Porsches, this time in the N4 rating. Try as I might, I couldn’t find any N3’s to match the front. However, I’m led to believe that the N ratings don’t need to match as long as the axel has the same on each side.

Whilst not the cheapest price, Blackcircles service was excellent. On payment I was allocated my own representative who would peraonlly handle and of my queries, and who would be carrying out my order to completion. In the world of call centres that we now live in, such attention to detail was a welcome suprise.

I had the tyres delivered to a local garage who fitted them for me.

Looking great once again, we are now all set to go for the meet in Sheffield!!! Read all about it here 🙂

Cayman Diaries: MPG Rocket

Here is some photo evidence of how economical these cars can be if you do some hypermiling.

This is doing around 55-58mph via cruise control on a relatively flat section of 3 miles of motorway.  Not bad huh! OK, so it was a small section of motorway, biased towards economy but hey its still do-able! 🙂

Cayman MPG - 52.1mpg

Cayman MPG - 52.1mpg

Cayman Diaries: Professional Detail and Paint Correction

The Cayman has finally had its bath! I took the car to Tony Spears of Autoshine in Wakefield, who specialise in full detail valets and paint correction.

After 18 months I decided it was due a good pampering and so off it went for a weekend of TLC.

Tony gave the car the full treatment. When the car went in, there were a number of items which I drew his attention to in particular:

1) The swirl marks which had appeared after 18 months of washing. I wanted it like new again.
2) The rear bumper had stained up to the spoiler with black dirt. I thought this might have been trapped dirt between the paint and the polish, if I hadn’t cleaned it thoroughly enough before polishing last year.
3) The leather (as mentioned in my previous post) had become scratched on the side bolsters. Could anything be done to mask and restore this?

I left the car on a glorious Saturday for Tony to do his bidding and collected Sunday afternoon.

On collection, the car was outside in the sunshine and looking spectacular. All of the swirl marks had gone and the paintwork was shining bright red once again! The wheels looked immaculate and the carpets and trim faultless.

Spearsy attributed the stains on the rear bumper to be likely from the exhaust and took a great deal of effort to remove. But remove he did and it looks brand new. As does the exhaust pipe, which was looking rather black.

The leather bolsters had also been re-dyed which had significantly lessoned the scratched look, almost to the point where they are unnoticeable. Unfortunately, the seats are coloured in Porsche’s own interpretation of ‘black’, so the dye is slightly darker than the seat which is currently noticeable. Tony suggested this will likely fade over the short term as it’s the area which gets the most wear. But I left with an assurance that if it doesn’t, to bring the car back and he will blend it fully into the seat to make it unnoticeable. 🙂

The interior now smells fresh and clean and looks lovely. The leather seats were properly cleaned and have returned to their firm to sit, yet supple to touch feel which is great.

So… with thoughts of fantastic photo opportunities (via a short shopping trip to Leeds) my lady and I departed.

And then 4 minutes (yes, 4 minutes) later the heavens opened. They really opened. The Lord was having a full-on sprinkler sesh and it was all aimed at my car. Shortly afterwards, the ice maiden got involved in the histrionics of this unfortunate turn of weather events and decreed that hail stones would now be the choice weapon of the gods.

With a scowl on my face like a shrivelled up walnut, we powered down a soaking wet motorway into the city. As my girlfriend wandered up and down the isles in the shop, all I could do was stare out of the exit window at my newly shiny motor being seriously beaten by torrential downpours courtesy of Mother Natures own hand. Payback for all that C02 I imagine. Gutted!

Cayman After Detailing - in the rain!

Cayman After Detailing - in the rain!

“Don’t worry about it” came the comforting attempts of my good lady. “Its now well polished, the rain isn’t even sticking to it”. She had a point. As we were driving along, watching all the tiny beads of water bouncing and sliding off the paintwork like ants on a windy ice rink was very satisfying. Spearsy done good.

Arriving home, I parked it up in the garage and a call to Tony was now in order to ascertain how to clean it without reappointing my own mark of swirls again. “Use a soft cloth to wipe off the rain, ideally a micro fibre” was the answer.

So, back at the garage and assessed the impact. It was positively filthy. Huge mud marks all down the lower end of the car. I gingerly tried to remove these marks which were now in the process of drying. Amazingly, all the dirt seemed to just fall off the newly polished paintwork. No scratches, no marks, just a very gentle wipe over and it was looking great again. And then the sun came out!

Time for some photos. Bar

Cayman Detail 13

Cayman Detail

e in mind that these are taken in the late afternoon, after the aforementioned weather incident and the pics then shrunk to be web-friendly. So the quality isn’t great but it looks so very clean!

I’m hoping Tony took some photos whilst it was in his possession, which I’ll dutifully add to here if he has any.

 So, in short- £250 well spent. The car really does look and smell like new, inside and out. Even those annoying bits that get all kinds of crap in them were nicely cleaned (see my piccy of boot releases – previously full of crumbs and other bits, but now clean. Looking in the side mirrors when driving along is great. As the suns rays move across the paintwork, it looks like a water ripple moving over the arches.

When I entered the garage the next day the whole room smelt of fresh polish! Awesome, my car has a fragrance! eau-de-Cayman.

A detail like this is highly recommended if you want to return your car to sparkly as-new showroom condition.  I’ll be back to see him in the next few weeks for my chat on how to clean it properly before I steam in again with my sponge.

Cayman Detail - Looking red!

Cayman Detail - Looking red!


Cayman Diaries: Detailing Photos

Those post-detail pictures in full…

Cayman Diaries: Service time

The time has finally come to have the Cayman serviced. At 31,000 miles it was due for its 20k service interval (the 40,000 major no less).

Cayman at service centre

Cayman at service centre

As mentioned before, I decided to take the car to Porsche Euro in Barnsley. They are Porsche mechanics from a previous life and are a top notch bunch of fellas with all the latest diagnosis kit for old and new Porsches. At half the price of the OPC and service carried out at a time that suited me the best, I had no grounds for complaint.

aaaah nuts!

aaaah nuts!

The work carried out as per schedule was;

  • Major Service using all genuine Porsche parts
  • Brake Fluid change (not technically required for another 5 months, but I got the timings wrong)

Additional work carried out;

  • Cleared the leaves and debris from the radiator
  • Replaced an interior light bulb that had blown (well, technically it had fallen out of place but it was sorted).
  • Replace blown fuse for the 12V socket.
  • Seatbelt was twisted – fixed and no longer floppy. (I know what your thinking “can’t you do anything yourself?!).
  • Resprayed all of the wheel nuts back to lovely silver. This was an unexpected offering and done and I was delighted at the result! Very, very impressive service.
  • Sorted out the “Depress Clutch” problem on starting. Replaced the soloid/clip beneath the clutch pedal.  Fixed!

After the full service inspection, the only recommendation/warning was that the brake pads will require replacing very shortly on the fronts, possibly the discs too – but this will be confirmed when it goes in for the pads in the next month or two. The car isn’t used a massive amount now so the few millimeters that are left will probably go for a while before the warning light comes on reminding me of either rectification or imminent doom.

Porsche Cayman Engine

Porsche Cayman Engine

Cayman at Porsche Euro cars

Cayman at Porsche Euro cars

If you need your car servicing, I can highly Porsche Euro. There was a classic 964 cab which is having work done as part of a restoration, and a 997 arrived as I was on my way out for its service also. Euro would have also washed my car as part of the service, but I declined on this occasion due to time constraints – plus I want to “get my moneys-worth” from Mr Spears next week on my pro-detail! 😆

Next Up.
Detail – restoring my car to shiny and clean ‘as new status’ (yes, I have high expectations!) pictures to follow of the detail in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Cayman Diaries: April Update….

Usage / MPG

My good lady has recently got a new job and the location benefits catching the train to work and back so I have been using her car several days a week. This has meant the Cayman is now used a couple of times a week and for fun days out at the weekend, which is great!

Cayman and Caravan!

Cayman and Caravan!

Last weekend we went for a visit to my parents caravan by the seaside for a bit of a break on the cheap. Hurrah!! It was a bit muddy though, so the Cayman played the job of mud-plugger nicely for the few days we were there. Don’t worry folks, it was treated to a nice wash when we got back!

Over the recent months the car has been having trouble starting, with “Depress the clutch pedal” lighting up on the dashboard when the car is cold. This only happens when its cold and is getting progressively worse. My mate Google told me that its likely to be a microswitch which isn’t detecting that the clutch is engaged when the ignition is fired. A quick call to my local indi confirmed this should be relatively inexpensive to repair.

The service is now due, so I’ve booked the car in with Porsche Euro in Barnsley. I  received an initial quote of £1018 from Porsche Leeds for the major service (reduced to just over £600 after my club discount and deleting the spark-plugs maintenance as these are not required for another 5 months).

However, Euro came in well under this price and will also be doing a few extra jobs for me whilst its in. John and his team have had a poke around my cars computer a few months ago and found them to very competent, so they will be getting my business once again. Try as I might, the Yorkshire-man in me just cannot justify a 100% markup for exactly the same job at the OPC, even after discounts – it just doesn’t reconcile in my mind.

My previous specialist in Sheffield (used for the Boxster) are now a little pricey – almost to OPC prices. I think they are now aiming their market more towards the Ferrari and Lambo fraternity, whom they also service. I would still highly recommend them for anyone in that area though, wanting an alternative to the main dealer.

Full service update next month.

Having sorted the service out, I’m arranging a good ol’ clean with my local Detailer for later this month – full pictures to follow! 🙂

In other outings, here is a piccy at the office, next to a Boxster….

Cayman and Boxster

Cayman and Boxster

Electric Power
For anyone interested, I recently drove a Prius. An interesting car indeed! Read my review here….

Where is my 911??
I keep putting my name down for a 24 hour test drive, but no luck yet. I’ll keep trying…!

Cayman Diaries: Happy New Year!

Small update
Well, the 17″ wheels are back on the Cayman again. The tyres on the 18s are past their best and the rock-hard drive was giving me backache.

One of the 17’s had a puncture so I took it down to the local ATS to sort it. The puncture was too large for a spot repair so was sent away. The tyres were eventually put on around late November time. I’m happy to report that the 17s came as a relief to my back, as the car started to roll over potholes again rather than crashing into them like some hedonistic loony on a suicide mission. This has made the drive much more pleasant – and a bit quieter too.

The daily drive with the new wheels only lasted about a week though, at which point my girlfriend finished work so I’ve been using her car since. Then the snow came, so my lil’ car has been in its Garage for ages. I’ve taken it out for a spin once over the festive period and it was a great drive – but a very slippy one. I went sideways coming off a roundabout at about 10mph with only a small amount of snow flakage on the ground.  So, it went back in its box and the Fiesta has been the continued reliable daily driver.

I still love my little Cayman though!

I received some pennies for Christmas and I think these will be put to good use in the form of a full detail by our local car detailer in the coming months. And this time, it will actually happen!! Expect a detailed report and photos on this soon!

Off Topic
I’m hoping to get a test drive in a 997 in the next few months when my car goes in for its service, so I’ll create a report for that, and my lady bought me a Lamborghini track day for Christmas, which I CANT WAIT to do!!! Again, reviews and photos will be published in due course. Hurrah!