The 911 Years: Car unhappy. Then Car happy. Revolution made it work.

With the 997 safely tucked up in the garage over the period of bad weather the past couple of months, it has been playing on my mind that I’ve not used the car at all. Yesterday I decided it was time to take it out for a run. Having being out of action for a few weeks, it had gone to ‘sleep’, meaning I needed to use the key to get into the car to wake it up but the battery was still firmly in slumber mode. A reticent start, but eventually fired the 911 to life – and met with a lumpy sounding engine and an fault light on the dashboard.

I turned the car off and called Revolution Porsche for help. They said it should be ok to drive and they have an idea what the issue is. I planned to take it to them that day, but the battery was now 100% flat.

CTEK battery charger purchased, put on charge before trying again later in the week to get it to the Revolution garage for some TLC. — After a 24 hour zap of CTEK charging magic, the 997 was back on the road again – sounding absolutely terrible.

The engine was lumpy, the engine lights were lit up like Christmas trees and I wasn’t feeling terribly confident at getting to Revolution specialists to sort it out. A quick call to Scott, the mechanic at Revolution and he confirmed that the problem is unlikely to be serious and if I can drive it to continue – or alternatively to get it recovered.

The traffic was light and an enforced 50mph on the motorway meant the journey was do able, but not very enjoyable! Thankfully, I made it there without a problem and Russ, Scott and the team got to work, providing me a courtesy car whilst they worked their magic.

I got a call later in the day to say it was all fixed and clearing the alerts had fixed the problem. They also topped it up with oil. The alerts were around misfiring cylinders, likely causes by the battery issues and me only moving it out of the garage and back in again. Faults cleared and the engine was sounding sweet again!

The car is now running fine again and am looking forward to some warm weather to make use of this great sports car!! At less than fifty quid to sort the problem and top up the oil, you really can’t fault Revolution and I can’t recommend them highly enough, the service is always exceptional.