The 911 Years: Car Troubles

Just a few minor issues at the moment. Having recently discovered the car has headlight washers, I’ve tried them out but they don’t appear to be working. Also, the brakes are feeling a bit spongy so want to get that checked out.

The brake light bulb is also out and needs replacing. I’ve got a new one, but you need a star-shaped driver to get the light cluster away from the car and I haven’t got one. A friend of mine offered to lend a hand and, whilst trying to attach to the screwdriver, promptly dropped the star-end bit onto the inside of the bumper. A bit of rummaging around and it fell down a drain hole between the light and the bumper, so now I need a pro to do it. Honestly, can’t get the staff.

So that lot will be sorted when I take it down to Revolution Porsche in a few weeks time.