Cayman Diaries: Bumper respray

MPG is now up to 29.5MPG after 13,000 miles. Woohoo!

picture of the problem

picture of the problem

Unfortunately the paint on the bumper had started peeling after giving the car a wash recently. Porsche have very stringent standards when it comes to selling a car as an Approved Used model, and this frequently involves re-spraying the bumper due to stone chips. The cause of the peeling is likely to do with the lacquer not being properly sealed to the bumper when it was re-sprayed. This meant that when it became stone chipped, the lacquer rose from the paintwork, and a jet wash resulted in the lacquer peeling away.

I initially took the car to my local OPC, but they diagnosed the fault as being stone chip related and in their opinion was not faulty workmanship. I got a second opinion from another prestige body shop. They took a look at in and it was their belief that the fault was due to the way it was sprayed and that the bumper had been masked, rather than fully stripped and sprayed. Despite the re-spray being a requirement of Porsche to sell the car as an Approved Used example, it was no longer covered by Porsche warranty. I called Porsche GB who, after much to-ing and fro-ing agreed to do the work at Sheffield (my local) for £100. This wasn’t good enough for me, as I shouldn’t be paying to repair a bodge job. I called Newcastle and spoke to the sales manager. As it happened, he had the Body shop manager in with him at the time. After speaking to both – who were surprised at the incident told me to bring the car back to them.

After a valet..

After a valet..

I reminded them that they were several hours away from my home, but were very accommodating. “We will provide you with a courtesy car, fully fuelled, which you can keep until your able to get back to us. We will also fill your car with fuel for the inconvenience”. You can’t say fairer than that can you!

I took the car back to Newcastle who repainted the bumper and it now looks good-as-new. The dealership clearly takes pride in their work and both the sales manager, and the body shop manager couldn’t do enough to rectify the fault.

All the stone chips have gone and the workmanship is exemplary. A perfect, unblemished nose at 23,000 miles is a bonus. Being low to the ground, all Porsche’s are prone to stone chips and getting a quality re-spray can be an expensive job. This one came in at around £600, courtesy of Porsche. No half-jobs done this time.

Newcastle gave me a loaner 09 Cayman S PDK by replacement and this is a stunning car. It was much better than I was expecting. You can read the review here.

Getting my car back was a great experience though; I was quite excited after a week of it being away! When we arrived it was sat in the showroom (in the same position as it was when I bought it!). I decided to take some photos as I forgot to do it when I bought it. Unfortunately the camera battery ran out after 2 pictures but I think you’ll agree it does look fantastic under showroom lighting;

My Cayman at the Porsche dealership

My Cayman at the Porsche dealership

The dealership had put a “sold” sign next to my car. It had been in the showroom since the work had been done and fully valeted and it had attracted quite a bit of sales interest. 🙂

Driving my car the 100 miles home after collection I realised that the driving position is better in the PDK model – the steering wheel is smaller in the Gen2 (it has a flat bottom) and there is more legroom given the lack of a clutch pedal. This all adds up to a much more comfortable drive (being 6’4″, every inch of room helps around the steering wheel). Food for thought on any potential future purchase!

Newcastle service was excellent and I will probably use them for its service, when it’s due next year. I am really happy with the result and their attitude.

Other faults
Whilst in for its initial paintwork inspection (at Sheffield, before it went to Newcastle), they noticed a few problems which were fixed under warranty;

* RMS was sweating – this (and the IMS seal) was replaced. A common occurrence on these cars.
* Leak in the steering rack. Fixed
* Play in one of the rod-ends, this was replaced (I had to pay for the part at about £58 and forgot to ask for my Porsche Club discount. Doh!!).

A Good job the paint peeled really, or I would have had to fork out for this lot once the warranty had expired!

Sheffield gave me a Cayenne for a week whilst they undertook the repairs.  Review here.

Happy days!
All is well again now though, and I’m a happy bunny once again. Here is to many more months/years of happy motoring (hopefully!!)