Beetle Life: Creaking door sorted.

Just to keep you all in the loop (and for those unfamiliar with the term, being in “the loop” simply means you are being updated, but us corporate clones like to loop people in because it makes us sound executive-y and powerful 🙂 )…

So, the Beetle was booked in for the door mechanism to be sorted and, as VW Leeds is close to nothing else in the world, I requested a courtesy car. What a ‘mare of inconvenience that is. You call through and, if you need the service department you go through to an anonymous call centre who then book you in. You don’t get to talk to the actual service dept. Now, I know that the job at had wouldn’t take very long. I asked if I could have a timeslot, maybe first job of the day, and I can be in-and-out without needing a car. “No”, is VW’s answer. Instead you have to book a hire car, get a pre-authorisation driving licence code number from the DVLA, take in your ID, wait for it to be copied, sign insurance papers, take the car for the day, the bring it back to collect your car, via the petrol station to put in what you think you’ve used.

Now, this all sounds like a first-world problem – and indeed it is. But it needn’t have been anyone’s problem if VW wasn’t so absolutely corporate. I can see why indi’s are preferred over main dealers who offer a far more personalised, custom service.

But the generic (and admittedly small) inconvenience aside, the process was pretty painless overall. I was booked in for a few weeks later, and a pretty simple process followed. When I arrived, there was a bunch of the staff all stood outside waiting for customers like me to get us on our way. As soon as I pulled up, they knew who I was and came over to greet me. I was ushered inside, signed the forms and taken to my courtesy car – a new Polo (quick review: A very nice little car, but if you are in the market, buy a Fiesta, it’s better). So perhaps 10 minutes of effort, not the end of the world. All very professional and corporate.

I returned later that afternoon once I had finished work to collect the Beetle and, as expected, the check-straps had been sorted and we no longer have any creaking. VW also noticed a nail in one of the tyres and repaired that for about £30 if memory serves correctly.

So, all good, and Beetle is back – in and out within the day. Sorted. 🙂