Evoque Blog: Baby Seat foibles!

With our daughter having just had her second birthday its time to start looking at the next stage of babyseats.

We currently have a Maxi Cosi (Pearl?) which is connected via an ISOFIX base unit. It is a very nice car seat and fits nicely in the Evoque.

For the next step we were going to max out on pinkness and go for one of the Cosatto range. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be as when the experts in the shop tried to fit it, they said it wasn’t safe due to the shape of the Evoque’s rear seats. We tried several, none of which fitted and were ultimately told that ISOFIX would be our best option as it is unlikely that a seatbelt fitment child seat would be safe on the Evoque seats.

A point to note is that it did fit in, but told it wasn’t secure enough due to the shape of the seats. Something to consider if you are in a similar position.

So, we are now looking at IsoFix seats and Brittax have a new range out which fits the bill. We’ll be purchasing in the next few months so will keep you posted. If anyone has got a different seat, please let me know your experiences and which one you went for.