Audi A4 Blog: Update and Insurance

It’s been a few months since my last post and I’ve hit 159,000 miles of M62 to-and-fro with lots of M62 stoppage and startage during every outing. My journey is consumed by the enforced 50mph speed limit currently and almost every day the motorway a god awful nightmare. This made me wonder what the point of Active Traffic Management is. The idea of ATM is that traffic speeds are reduced at busy times, thereby keeping a constant, steady flow of traffic. Anyone who uses the M62 will know that the current enforced 50mph is anything but constant and most of the time those 50mph signs are just a pipedream target that you can only wish to come close to. Waste of money then? We’ll see.

Back to the Audi, I took Wormburner’s (from the Pistonheads forum) advice and, with a planned work trip further afield to Cheshire I had a little chat with my Shed. I promised Audi a full tank of fuel if it delivered me there and back safe and sound without problem. It indeed did this – despite an extra dose of traffic hell from all the gods of rush hour, coupled with a sprinkling of lane closures and dash of bad weather. Not a hitch of a problem from happy Shed though! 

Audi received a full tank of fuel and a lot of confidence from me. 

It has also had its second bath – and I’ll provide it with a third in a few weeks time.

Emeye from Pistonheads had a good point with the Anti Freeze. I took a trip to Asda and a £5 bottle now travels on the back seat with my water bottle, being used intermittently to stop the rads freezing.

Tax was due last month too – I took 6 months out (£110, I think). I know half-year purchases are a false economy, but it ‘felt’ cheaper than 12 months. 🙂

Insurance was due this month -£350 thereabouts. A fair bit of spending recently then, but the bulk has been on admin and tax.

On a separate note, this car is covering only the miles to and from the office. It does little else. I am able to do flexible working and do work from other offices (including home) but am still obliged to turn up at my main office a few days a week. It is these trips that I use the Audi. So, in that respect, the Audi is documenting the amount of miles that aren’t really necessary and are more management ‘asks’ than business ‘needs’. With that in mind, I wonder just how many people on the roads every day really don’t need to be there to do their job. For me so far, it’s around 3,000 miles of time, financial and environmental waste and counting.

But the Audi is taking it all in its stride. Let’s see how it fares through winter….

Total so far;

  • £110 tax
  • £350 insurance + £87 original insurance
  • £5 anti freeze
  • £1 (2x tyre air)

= £553