Audi A4 Blog: Unsold, then Sold!

Timewasters. They are everywhere, but seemingly gravitate towards online sale websites. Anyone who uses eBay as a selling tool with any degree of frequency will fully understand this. And so, with the Audi on Gumtree, attracting enough attention from people from all over the country asking me for my “best price”, I thought that, as my previous post attests, I had stumbled upon a genuine buyer.

Unfortunately, it was not to be, and after holding the car for a week, the buyer backed out, with some excuse about his car breaking down a few days prior. So, back on the Gumtree merry-go-round we went but with a much lower price and some stern words that it was heading to scrap if it wasn’t sold by the weekend (the scrap yard offered a surprisingly good deal). What followed was a repeat of previous “best price” calls, before I received a text message from a gent asking if he could view the next day.

I happily obliged and a soldier medic turned up, currently posted in York area and wanted something to last him a few months – the long MOT ticket beign a big draw to the car. I explained in full all of the faults I was aware of with the little orange Audi, and he was happy with these, informing that his mechanic friends on the base will sort those out for him anyway.

Ten minutes later, the deal was done. A very straightforward transaction, restoring my faith that there are genuine people out there who genuinely want to actually buy a car.

And so here ends the “Shedlife” experiment. It has been fun – and it has been a very cheap way of motoring over the past three years, working out at around 31 pence per mile – including petrol and all costs – and a spectactular 10 pence per mile if you don’t include fuel.

With the Porsche 911 also sold and the Mini just purchased, the fleet is undergoing something of a refresh. I hope you enjoy my new motoring blogs into 2015. 🙂