Audi A4 Blog: Sold!

Following a change of the fleet (see the final post in the 911 diaries), and a new car being purchased in the shape of a Mini (running report coming soon), the Audi is now surplus to requirements. A friend of mine recommended Gumtree as a great free way to sell cheap cars.

I put the Audi up for sale, detailing its problems, and the phone was like a hotline for several days. I had a lot of offers, but they were too low and I chose to wait for a little while longer (although the local scrapyard offered £160, which I found surprisingly good).

And a few days ago, I had a visit from a young chap who immediately liked the car, despite its issues with the breaks and the vibrating type noise from the front wheels. The car was up for sale at £350, and we negotiated to £300.

It will be collected next Tuesday, so I’ll give it a quick wash and clean in advance of that. I’ll post again once the deal has been done to close the A4 blog, but as of this moment, the writing is on the wall for the Shedlife blog. But fear not, readers, the Mini will be starting up a new blog in the very near future. Stay tuned for more updates, and of course, plenty more reviews of sports and supercars…