Audi A4 Blog: Problems afoot.

Unfortunately, this month there are a few problems to report. The first being that I discovered a puncture over the course of the weekend on the front tyre. I pumped this up but then wanted to take it to the garage for the electronic pressure gauge to get it to accurate pressure levels.

I turned the key but the car wouldn’t start! 🙁 Instead I was greeted with a whirring sound and nothing else. A quick call to my brother in law and he said it would likely be the battery or the starter motor. It turned out not to be the former so he came over and performed a type of bump-start which fix the problem. He said that the motor had probably ceased and the bump start forces the problematic component loose.

Great stuff! So Audi now starting happily again and still looking good from its clean a few weeks ago. But the tyre is flat again.

The next day I decided to head out to the local ATS for a puncture repair but the Audi won’t start again! This time it is the battery – perhaps caused in (large) part due to letting my two year old daughter ‘play’ inside the car whilst I was pumping the tyre up that morning (lights on everywhere, wipers, radio etc). I also discovered that night that the interior lights were permanently on, so that wouldn’t have helped matters either.

Battery conditioner plugged in a few hours later all is well again. Except that with one last check on the tyres I noticed they are getting pretty close to legal limit. And THAT then reminded me – finally – that I must check the MOT. The MOT sheet told me that I was well overdue – it ran out a month ago. Doh!!

So my Shedlife A4 will be booked in for its MOT tomorrow (and won’t be used until then), whilst I also check for some tyres. I’ve been told of a part-worn shop that offers tyres at half the price of brand new ones. So the question now is, part-worn’s for £25 each, or brand new cheapo’s for £51 each.

The 911 will be pulled from its slumber to take up daily duties whilst I get it all sorted over the next few weeks.

I’ll let you know what happens next…!