Audi A4 Blog: Happy Birthday!

OK, so its not technically it’s birthday, but it has now been in my ownership for 2 whole years!! Well, about 25 months to be exact, close enough for an update though.

Reflecting on this, it has been a period of ups and downs, but mainly it has been right across the middle being a relatively reliable and dependable car – albeit not a particularly comfortable one, it has to be said.

But, with the onset of this anniversary, I thought I’d knock up a quick list showing the approximate costs to date. So without further adue…

Audi A4 Costs:

Year 1:

  • Purchase cost: £300
  • Work at purchase: £100
  • Insurance (3 months): £87
  • Ignition Switch: (unsure)
  • Insurance: £350
  • MOT: £40
  • TOTAL: £877

Year 2:

  • Tyre fix and balance: £25
  • Car Tax: £260
  • Insurance: £350
  • Mini-Valet: £12
  • MOT: £45
  • 4 tyres: £200.02
  • Discs and pads (front): £32.50
  • Upper and lower arms: £54
  • TOTAL: £978.52

Ancillary costs:

  • Air over 2 years: Approx £5
  • AutoAid Breakdown cover: £39 per year.

Total of two years ownership: £1899.52

Approximate value of the car now: £300

Final Standing: £1599.52 in 25 months, not including fuel. = £63 per month.

Shedding looks to still be the cheapest mode of transportation! However, I suspect that running the Porsche as the only car rather than the Audi might have been cheaper than this, or if not not much more expensive overall. However, that would ruin the fun of the Porsche – and of course having a variety on the driveway is more fun. 🙂