Audi A4 Blog: Another Breakdown

Audi A4 Brake Light

Audi A4 Brake Warning

A few things have gone wrong recently with the ol’ Audi shed, causing me to rethink the long term ownership plans of this car. It started with the remote central locking becoming intermittent, and ended with the car being locked in a car park in the centre of Leeds – with no way to unlock it without the alarm going off. More on that later.

Whilst the intermittent central locking set up something of a warning of future problems, a more immediate issue following a relatively long drive home from Manchester airport after a short business trip to Rome, manifested itself with a flashing red light on the dashboard just as I pulled onto the driveway. A check of the manual showed that this indicates the brake fluid is low. One solution would be to simply top it up, but the correct solution is to find out why it’s used the fluid in the first place.

An internet post – and a call to my brother in law (a mechanic by trade) suggested that the brakes might be due replacement. I hadn’t replaced the rear brakes in my tenure with the car, so assumed these must be due. £39 of eBay magic later and I had myself a new set of disks and pads. I enlisted the skills of my father in law to complete the replacement duties, but he duly informed that both discs and pads are in full tact and don’t require replacement. However, there was a ceased brake calliper, which he fixed, and noted that there was a small leak on the handbrake, so might explain the dip in fluid – which was topped up and the light immediately went out. I’ve also now got a spare set of rear discs and pads for the potential new owner when I come to sell. The brakes are working fine but will monitor closely incase the leak issue hasn’t been fully resolved.

Audi A4 Recovery Truck

Waiting for loading on the Recovery Truck

The final issue to date – which had me cursing furiously, was the remote central locking keyfob failing completely, and being unable to get into the car without the alarm going off. This ended in a recovery truck being called (exceptional service once again from AutoAid) and me considering a change of car in the near future. I managed to eventually get the secondary keyfob working on the aftermarket alarm to unlock the car, and am now using the key in the door rather than risk the same issue occurring again.

So for now, we are back on the road safely, but two recoveries is one too many for my liking, so am on the lookout for a replacement. Watch this space…