Audi A4 Blog: A step closer to roadworthiness.

The MOT was duly booked in for Monday 28th April and it was decision time on the tyres. I opted for news ones as I could get these quickly and didn’t have to travel very far. Without an MOT and with a puncture I wanted it as local as possible.

Looking for prices online and Black Circles could supply and fit the tyres for £55 per corner. Kwik Fit could also do something similar but these had to be ordered. The only ones they had in stock at the local shop were Michelin’s – too posh for the Audi Shed and wouldn’t have been far off the price of the car by the time we’d done.

A final call, before hitting the button on Black Circles, was to my local MotoSave – handily just down the road from me. To my surprise they were actually cheaper than anyone else at £50.01 per tyre – and they had them in stock!

I checked the rear tyres and they were looking pretty close to wear too and the shop confirmed they were at 3mm. So whilst a bit of life left in them, I thought it was worth my time to just get them all done now and not have to worry.

Tyre pumped up again, only to find the battery was once again flat (playing in the cars again. Doh!) I put the thing on charge for a few hours then drove it down to Motosave.

I’ve now got a set of 4 budget tyres complete with oodles of tread from those rubber specialists Lanvigator!

Cost: £200.02.

MOT Monday, lets hope this doesn’t become a spiralling account of pounds, shilling and pence.