The 911 Years: At the point of Depreciation

For some reason, certain cars (or brands of cars) attract a notable dip in value depending on the mileage that they hit.

For Porsches, I think this is 70,000. A car with 65,000 miles might be considered to have strong mileage, but 70,000 would be high miles. Weird huh. Anyhow, I am now but a couple of miles away from that ‘probably difficult to sell’ threshold of 70,000 miles and thought I’d share this landmark point with you all…

Porsche - almost 70,000 miles

Porsche – almost 70,000 miles

And here is a picture of the old girl, still looking great after 9 years and (almost) 70,000 miles…! 🙂

Porsche 997.1 Black Cabriolet

Porsche 997.1 Black Cabriolet