Cayman Diaries: April Update….

Usage / MPG

My good lady has recently got a new job and the location benefits catching the train to work and back so I have been using her car several days a week. This has meant the Cayman is now used a couple of times a week and for fun days out at the weekend, which is great!

Cayman and Caravan!

Cayman and Caravan!

Last weekend we went for a visit to my parents caravan by the seaside for a bit of a break on the cheap. Hurrah!! It was a bit muddy though, so the Cayman played the job of mud-plugger nicely for the few days we were there. Don’t worry folks, it was treated to a nice wash when we got back!

Over the recent months the car has been having trouble starting, with “Depress the clutch pedal” lighting up on the dashboard when the car is cold. This only happens when its cold and is getting progressively worse. My mate Google told me that its likely to be a microswitch which isn’t detecting that the clutch is engaged when the ignition is fired. A quick call to my local indi confirmed this should be relatively inexpensive to repair.

The service is now due, so I’ve booked the car in with Porsche Euro in Barnsley. I  received an initial quote of £1018 from Porsche Leeds for the major service (reduced to just over £600 after my club discount and deleting the spark-plugs maintenance as these are not required for another 5 months).

However, Euro came in well under this price and will also be doing a few extra jobs for me whilst its in. John and his team have had a poke around my cars computer a few months ago and found them to very competent, so they will be getting my business once again. Try as I might, the Yorkshire-man in me just cannot justify a 100% markup for exactly the same job at the OPC, even after discounts – it just doesn’t reconcile in my mind.

My previous specialist in Sheffield (used for the Boxster) are now a little pricey – almost to OPC prices. I think they are now aiming their market more towards the Ferrari and Lambo fraternity, whom they also service. I would still highly recommend them for anyone in that area though, wanting an alternative to the main dealer.

Full service update next month.

Having sorted the service out, I’m arranging a good ol’ clean with my local Detailer for later this month – full pictures to follow! 🙂

In other outings, here is a piccy at the office, next to a Boxster….

Cayman and Boxster

Cayman and Boxster

Electric Power
For anyone interested, I recently drove a Prius. An interesting car indeed! Read my review here….

Where is my 911??
I keep putting my name down for a 24 hour test drive, but no luck yet. I’ll keep trying…!