An Undiscovered Talent

So, one morning back in September last year, my daughter and I were doing the usual morning routine – largely comprising of playing with just about every toy she could get out of the toy box. One of those happened to be the Magna Doodle – Disney Minnie Mouse edition, no less.

I decided that, after drawing stick-men versions of Grandma, Grandad and the dog several times upon request that I’d have a go at a car instead. And in doing so, I revealed a talent I never knew I had….

Behold… the Escort Cosworth.


(For the young ‘un amongst you who haven’t immediately identified the car, you can clearly tell it’s a Cossie, due to the 3 door shape of the car and the large rear wing).

Then I thought I’d have a go at something more exotic. The classic Ferrari 355 Spider

sketch2Note the acute attention to detail here; pop up headlights, roof cover, 5 spoke alloys, and the SOS Box at the side of the road.

Realising I’m onto something here, I cast aside Mr Potato head and sent my two-year old on a distraction mission setting up a plastic picnic in the centre of the living room, I then decided to start copying from pictures on the web.

And here we have the Lamborghini Murcielago


And finally… The Porsche 911 Turbo (notice the Turbo vents on the sides and the rear spoiler??).


So there you have it. Awesome drawings. Awesome fun. I haven’t created any art since September but thought it was high time I put magnet to doodle and created some more one-off drawings. I put a request on Pistonheads to join in on my jovial talents and here were the commisions I did… 🙂

All in the name of fun. Hurrah!