The 911 Years: A Picture Perfect Moment and a Battery Problem!

Soooo… about a month ago I was playing the role of daddy-day-care whilst my good lady was out shopping. Later that day I went out to meet her and the 911 was up for the role of taking me and my baby daughter into town. Now, my garage is something of a tight affair, so carrying a baby into the car and getting her strapped into the rear seat requires a feat of genius. And that genius comes from those splendid blokes at Porsche;

911 in a small garage!

911 in a small garage!

Baby in one hand, key fob in the other. Press and hold the button and the roof and windows all drop down, ready for easy baby access. Isabelle went onto the driver’s side whilst Daddy started the car. Now, for a 15 month old baby this front seat business was all new.

There were lots of buttons to press for starters and a great many things that needed to be touched. As the engine started, this caused an immediate freeze and slight concern for baby who looked on anxiously, but quickly eased by the excited and happy look of Daddy sat beside her. Her expression then turned to one of absolute delight as I drove the car slowly forward out of the garage.

She looked onwards and upwards and back again completely mesmerised with this look of sheer amazement that the car was moving. Once outside, my lil’ baby was put into her seat (always a comical affair as Porsche seats weren’t designed with reluctant baby hands, feet and legs in mind!), but we got there eventually, and being a tall fellow with my seat pushed quite far back, she is almost sat next to me at the other side and I can look across and see her. She likes the roof being down! I love being a dad.

And I love owning a Porsche. Until the battery died a few weeks later (more in the next post)…..