Cayman Diaries: A New Home

Cayman has its own house!
It’s been a busy few months for us, my lady and I have just moved house. I’m now the proud owner of a garage in which to keep my four-wheeled friend!! My dream has come true!

On moving day, my car was eager to help with the transporting of goods (and to move into its garage!), so I gleefully fulfilled its desire … with all of 3 boxes before realising that it wasn’t really suited for the job of removal van. So it had to wait whilst I got busy in various other vehicles.

Stepping back in time a little, when we went to view the property, job one on my list was to check the width of the garage. Something of a talking point, the occupiers saying they’d never seen anyone measuring the garage width before even looking at the house.  . Anyhow, a measure of the garage and again on the car (a quick arm-stretch over the bonnet, no less) showed the garage entrance would have just shy of an acre on either side in which to get the car in – with enough room at the back of the garage to hold medium sized dinner parties. Marvellous!

Fast forward to moving-in day, and on parking the Cayman in front of the garage, my excitement succumbed to worry, as it didn’t actually look like the car was going to fit!!

Thankfully, it did – the neighbour opposite helpfully shouting over the road “you’ll never get that in there”. But it fits nice and snug and Paulie is one happy chappy indeed.

I don’t think I’m great with a tape measure though – one of the curtain poles being further testament to that.

With its new house I’ve treated Cayman to an indoor cover too…

Cayman, in the garage with its bedsheets

In the garage with its bedsheets

The cover is made of a sort-of silk-look fabric on the top, and then soft bedding type material underneath.

My girlies mum helped me put it on for the first time. “Don’t forget to put those little pockets over the wing mirrors” says I, as we are gliding it over the top. “Well! I’ve never seen anything like this” came the reply; “tucking your car up in bed for the night ”

I like it though, finished everything off nicely!

(And yes, the floor will be painted soon, and some posters are going up on the walls!)

The garage has done wonders for the cars running too. In keeping it warm and sheltered there has been a noticeable change in the engine, it gets warm quickly, drives very smoothly from the off, and there isn’t any of that ‘notchy’ coldness that you get when keeping a car outside.


Failure on dashboard

Failure on dashboard

1 month into the new house, all was going well, until last Thursday. Leaving work, the car wouldn’t start (the engine turned but wouldn’t fire). A small spark was heard and I managed to get it started. However it wouldn’t hold the revs without stalling so I set off without further ado.

10 seconds later, the temperature gauge – and potentially my bank balance and heart – dropped to zero, the red light started flashing and “Failure Indicator ” appeared on the dash. I couldn’t believe it – 4 weeks out of warranty!!
Thankfully, this has now been resolved. It fixed itself (marvellous!) on the way to the garage. It looks like some dirt might have got onto the sensor and has now cleared. If it happens again, I’ll be having the sensor replaced, but this shouldn’t be a high-cost exercise.

The boys at Porsche Euro sorted me out good and proper, and they also enabled the auto-door lock, which wasn’t switched on, on my car. I’d recommend them for anyone in the West Yorkshire area.

My local car detailing specialist also reprimanded me for not cleaning the car properly, and I will be having him round as soon as my bank balance has recovered from the house purchase to return the car back to good-as-new. I can’t wait!!

The rubber on the 18’s is now past its best, so the 17s will be going back on for the winter period in the next few weeks. A comfier ride will ensue as a result, just what I need for the cold winter months.

Now 29.9 average since I bought it. Yeah!!!!