Cayman Diaries: A 6 month review

6 months, and around 6,000 miles have passed without a hitch. The tax reminder came through, £210 for the year. Can’t grumble really, not too shabby for a sports car. I’m glad its not in the top bracket, and was one of the contributing factors in my decision to purchase (I’m thinking if my baby ever becomes a partial garage queen, then I don’t want my pants down for the tax each year).

She had a bath (inside and out) a couple of weekends ago and looked spiffingly shiny and super red. Due for another clean this weekend, hoping to do that tomorrow if its nice. Roll on summer, weekends spent basking out in the sun with the rags and polish.

Build Quality
The build is still pretty exceptional, with no issues to report to date. Really pleased. There is a weird whistle noise on the driver’s wing mirror, but only at motorway speeds in the rain, but you can’t hear it with the radio on, so no bother. I put that down to aerodynamics.

Door hinges are my only gripe – but this is on all Porsches, not just mine. Why does the hinge only have 2 positions when you open it; position 1 is too narrow to get out, and position 2 is so big so you hit the car next to you. Consequently you have to do a contortionist manoeuvre in busy car parks so as not to damage your door. Other 3-door cars don’t seem to have this problem.

Standard jobs, I’ve noticed that when on full lock the tyres kind of jump a bit when your turning hard (such as reversing out of a parking space). It feels like they are skipping/slipping a bit. There is plenty of tread left on them. It feels a bit strange, but I’m told that all 987 (and probably other Porsche’s) do this. A personality trait, then.


Cayman Seat 2

Cayman Seat 2

Cayman Seat 1
Cayman Seat 1

Whilst build is good, I’ve got my doubts about the longevity of the materials used for the seats. My car has only done 18,000 but there is a faint sign of bum-cheekage on the drivers seat, and my ass ain’t that heavy I’m sure (I’d know, I carry it around with me everywhere I go). Its OK for now though.

The bad news is that the passenger seat has taken a bit of a scratch on the bolster area from where my lady has been sliding in and out, the buckles on her jeans have brushed passed it a few times and its scratched the leather and slightly broken it. Part and parcel of using it as a daily driver I guess, but the 986 left my hands at 7 years old and 90,000 miles without so much as a mark on the leather.


Blind Spot!

Be Careful chaps and chapesses, I noticed today there is a blind spot on the passenger side – which is perfectly sized for bikers. I noticed one coming up close in the left-hand lane (motorway, packed with traffic). At about 40mph, he sat in the blind spot for about 1/4 mile. I knew he was there as I saw him approaching, but if I hadn’t there is no way I would have seen him without craning properly. The rear quarter shielded him from my view. Keep watching those mirrors boys and gals – remember the driving test, watch ’em every few seconds! “Take longer to look for bikes”.

I have finally managed to get my average MPG up a bit as well. Its been sat at 28.5 for weeks (if not months) now, but after a period of fun driving, I’m delighted to announce that it has crept up to 28.6, but my average speed is sticking at 35mph despite lots of motorway driving (well, parking – its rush hour after all). Must drive faster then, eh!

And finally…
Happy red nose day everyone!! The bonnet made of aluminium on these bad boys, so it won’t stick to the front. As an alternative mine has got a red ass pimple, rather than a red nose. 🙂

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day