The 911 Years: A 3 month Summary

Well folks, I’ve had the car for about 3 months now, and covered approximately 1500 miles. Most of those have been on fun events with Supercar Driver – had I not been doing those, I don’t think I would have got through my first tank of petrol yet. Yikes. Busy times with work and baby indeed! But when on the car runs though, this car is very enjoyable. Its very quick and will keep up with most things, although I still don’t have the handling confidence that I did with the Cayman.

Despite the miles, I’ve still not quite gelled with this car. With the Cayman, I was absolutely overjoyed within 10 minutes of driving it home, but the 911 still feels a bit “just a car”. Mrs Paul O isn’t that keen on driving it as its too “clunky” and hard work. I know what she means there – the clutch and gearbox aren’t as tactile as the Cayman. It feels more man-ish. Perhaps the reason for the lack of gel is the fact that since having baby Isabelle, we have only been out in it together once – for a couple of miles to the cinema. Maybe next year, when I can get a babyseat the fits in the back and it becomes a family-outing car this will change! I think what I really need is a convertible Cayman with back seats.

That said, the convertibleness is brilliant and I’m loving driving around with the top down. The car turns heads (maybe not as many as the Cayman – but that was bright red!) and has extra street-coolness being a 911. A friend’s young son recently found out that I’d got one and went nuts with excitement when we told him he can have a ride in it.

I had the driving ‘itch’ yesterday having not driven the car for a week or so, so took it for a spin around the block, to visit my local (and the words slowest) post office. The sports exhaust always puts a smile on my face!!

The sat nav didn’t work when I bought it, but this has now been sorted (by Strasse Leeds and billed to Redline – no hassle, great service). I love the satnav and the fact it tells you about problems on your journey. Very, very pleased with the tech on this car!

Posted Image

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago the car developed a slow puncture. But I wasn’t quick enough at pumping it up and it went completely flat, so I drove it a few hundred yards to the tyre shop who promptly told me that I’d fekked the tyre. So the £20 repair became a £380 new tyre. Whoops. Yes, I know about driving on a flat and yes I know it was stupid but for some reason I thought “its not far, it’ll be OK if I’m doing 2mph”. Expensive lesson learned.

The To-Do list
With winter on the way, the car will be used less than usual, so its a good time to get a few bits sorted out. There are a few things I’d like to get sorted on this car. One is an interior trim bit. The car has Bose and above the Subwoofer, the previous owner had a mobile phone holder attached to this, very badly. I had a new trim bit put on by Strasse, but they haven’t finished the job properly. I went to have a neb at Revolution Porsche’s new premesis a few weeks back and they took a look at it and said the screw thread is knackered, but they can sort it.

I also want;

  • The original brocuhre (ebay!),
  • A 1:18 scale model (ebay – but I haven’t found a black one yet! ),
  • A wind deflector
  • New car mats
  • A replacement owners manual (mine either didn’t come with one, or I have misplaced it! :-s )
  • Maybe a hard top (although no where to store it so probably not)
  • The car needs a good detail.
  • It also needs some pro-photography shots for the garage wall.
  • Perhaps a new gearnob to replace the existing one. I quite like the aluminum one from the Tequipment catalogue.
  • I’d also like a blue-tooth adapter, which can be fitted to the OEM nav unit, which will be ace but at £600 its foooooookin’ expensive so I’m on-the-fence at the minute given its not been used as a daily driver.

Next Up
The detail and the interior trim are being sorted next week. Revolution Porsche and Spearsy are taking care of that for me and I’m promised lots of before/after photos so that I can update this thread!

Photo’s soon…! Posted Image

Oh yeah…
I forgot to mention, I’ve also ordered a Certificate Of Authenticity yesterday! Browsing around the Porsche Inside Track site I found this option, they’ll send you details of your car, the build date, original selling dealer and the factory options – so I’ll finally be able to tell you what options my car actually has! Posted Image Normally £65, but free if your a PCGB member.