Camaro Running Report: The Garage Test!

I’m loving this car so far. Its great fun, and having the back seats means we can use it for families days out too. More on driving adventures and the attention grabbing nature of this car, in a future update.

In this update however, it’s time for a garage test! The Camaro is a very big car with dimensions similar to that of my Porsche Cayenne. I live in a new-build type house with an integral garage and, like all single integral garages on pretty much any house built in the last 20 years in the UK, they aren’t generous with their space.

The typical size of a UK garage is 2.4m x 4.9m (and is true of mine also.)
The Camaro dimensions are 1.92m wide by 4.8m long and the mirrors don’t fold in either.

That gives an interior space of less than half a meter wide and 10cm length to spare! Before buying the car, I measured everything several times and the answers were always the same: in theory, the car would fit, but it would be immensely tight. I decided that in all likelihood it would have to live outside, thinking that it is unlikely to be a particular target for thieves, being a rare bright yellow left-hand-drive car. So to keep it from prying eyes I bought a cheap outdoor cover to keep it hidden until I’d tried it in the garage.

That day came a few weeks ago when, with the assistance of my good lady wife, I reversed it into the garage. Easily did it with literally a few centimeters on either side as the mirrors went past the garage entrance, parking sensors flat lining continually in my ears. Finally through the door, the front is narrower than the back and Mrs Paul O guided me to within an inch of the back wall.

The result?

Camaro in a single garage!

Camaro in a single garage!


It fits!!!

The width of the car at the door section is actually no wider than that of a Porsche 911 (which I have owned previously and fits in the garage without a problem). Despite what the photo above suggests, once it is in the garage, its pretty easy to get out – although because I’m reversing in I have to get out of the passenger side. Thankfully its pretty roomy in the Camaro so that’s not too arduous, even for my 6’4″ frame. There is no way I’d be able to get it in the garage myself though as the entrance width and overall length is so tight, so its a team effort. All part of the fun of ownership, eh! As for the length there is perhaps 2-3″ to spare at the front and back, so not as roomy as that first photo looks at the front.

Camaro in a small UK single garage!

Camaro in a small UK single garage!

But I was absolutely overjoyed that I can keep it safe and secure in the garage – it literally made my night! So far in that garage I’ve had a 911, Cayman, VW Beetle, Audi S5, Ferrari 360 (cabriolet – doors too wide to open without the roof down) and now the Camaro.

So if anyone tells you they can’t get their car in a modern garage, you can tell them they are talking bullsh*t because your mate at Paul O gets his Camaro in there, “and that’s a big as a Porsche 4×4, don’t you know”**. 😀

** Caveat this with the common denominator that all of these cars have frameless doors, which I suspect is a big advantage.