Cayman Diaries: Update…

A short update to the Cayman running report. Not a lot to add though, with no news being great news!!

The Boxster is now sold so I’m back to just the one car again!

This Cayman is an awesome bit of kit – it really is great. I don’t know if its the colour or the shape, but it gets loads more attention than the Boxster. So far that’s just been a good thing! I deliberately chose a more subtle hue for the Boxster but red suits the Cayman so well I think. And I love bright coloured cars.

I’ve had some work done on the house lately, and all the tradesmen have commented on it – at length. Kids in the area absolutely love it, thumbs up and head turns a plenty – one lad the other day pointed and shouted “Wow, Porsche!!” with his mouth so wide I thought he was going to eat it!!  I’ve just been to the local tip, being a quiet day all the staff stared on, beaming with smiles asking what model is was and were looking around it. Happy days!

Driving the car is spot on – averaging 28.7mpg so far for all motorway and local journeys thus far. Despite being mainly motorways in terms of mileage, my average speed is still only 36mph!  The 2.7 engine is plenty for me, giving me lots of smiles whenever I put my foot down.

Cruise control is superb – and in our speed obsessed nation will do my licence the world of good. On quiet drives, or long motorway stretches in the late evening I can just hit the cruise button at the speed limit and happily let the cars computer drive for me.

My lady also prefers this car to the Boxster, finding it easier to drive and more comfortable than the 986. It definitely feels better well made than the 986 (although granted my 986 had done 96,000 miles and was nearly 8 years old!), but the 987 (“c”) feels more Audi-like inside, a bit more dependable. I hope!

A mate of mine was disappointed with the Boxster interior when I bought it 3 years ago. He wasn’t expecting much when I pulled up in the Cayman but he was completely blown away by the difference in terms of the interior and the extra oomph from the new 2.7 engines. It’s made him a big fan again!

Have to say though that I don’t think Bose is worth the money and I agree with others that it does sound a bit artificial. If I was buying new, I’d spec the middle option rather than the top spec Bose stuff, as the basic stereo does get a bit breathless with bass at higher volumes. Still, it was an added bonus, so can’t complain – and the surround sound can be switched off if you want.

That’s about it for now. Still got my eye on some Cayman S wheels, but with the current economic climate I’m keeping a bit of money in the bank now in case my job vanishes from under me.

The only downside is that today I’ve noticed Mr and Mrs Stone-chip have taken stage left on my front bumper. So a couple of big primer white teeth are now staring back at me every time I look at the front. Will have a think about how best to get them touched in.

That’s it for now – happy motoring!!