The 911 Years: My 997, It’s future in the balance?

Running reports are quite intriguing. Most of the time, we read the ones which are of a particular interest – perhaps cars that we’d like to own. And often in those running reports one could look to subconsciously justify why we wouldn’t want to buy those dream cars and the basis established from the expense or reliability being reported on a particular model. The internet is littered with reports of problems, costly repairs and downfalls for many types of car – for we only tend to document problems, or modifications. After all, writing about ‘nothing’, as it were, isn’t very interesting.

In an attempt to buck that trend, it pleases me to be able to report absolutely nothing. But with nothing to report, I thought I’d put my quill to parchment and air my thoughts once again on the Porsche 997 Cabrio, which I have owned now for just under 2 and a half years.

Life is currently at a crossroads for me for a few reasons. My daughter is growing up fast and I’m spending all the spare time I have with her as this is by far the most satisfying bundle of joy that life could ever bring. Also, as of last month, I now tick the “Married” box on those admin forms and surveys. Plus after a few years in our home, it now requires some renovation to take me and my family into 2014 and beyond. I have just been promoted too which brings more responsibility and, potentially less spare time. And in the thick of all that is my hobby – motoring. I still spend many a waking hour thinking about cars and ‘what next’ but I find less time to drive them enjoyably.

My Audi A4 takes the majority of the unrewarding motorway work-miles, leaving the Porsche for fun. However, having clocked up just 1500 miles in 6 months in the 911 perhaps suggests I’m not having as much fun as I should be with this hobby.  Using the Audi for commuting is indeed a choice, make no mistake about that as the 911 has so far proved to be a very reliable motorcar indeed and it could do the job was it not for my reluctance to use something fun for mundane journeys. For the same reason I have never used a plane for travelling between work sites.

Realising I’ve not used the 911 for some time I put the battery onto life support a few days ago and then took it out for a drive today, with a car-wash treat along the way. The very mention of going out in the “Porscha” had my daughter clinging to me like glue to make sure she was included. And so off we went, meeting up with Mrs Paul O later that afternoon. With mini-me driven home with my good lady after a shopping trip, it was just me and the 911 for the return journey. I went the long way home.  Cruising on some of our back lanes and traffic-light streets, the 911 sung its heart out and I thoroughly enjoyed the drive. Big grin and audio both present and correct. It still is fab. Truly, fab. Its more than quick enough for me, the sound system is great and the cabin very comfortable.

But – and there always seems to be a ‘but’ with this story – our house needs fixing and there is a lot of equity sat in the Porsche. The same goes for our Range Rover too and it appears my wife has been thinking the same. Even more bizarrely we have both been thinking about the same car; an Audi A1 -she mentioned it just last night. Extreme ends of the scale from what we have now, absolutely! But they do look good, in a funky-yet-grown-up kind of way.

Mr Money Moustache isn’t helping the cause for Porsche ownership either – reading his blogs is making me think that spanking the mortgage and living economically could be a really sound financial move for the next 5-7 years.

So, with nothing to report I can tell you that the 911 has been, thus far, a very reliable and rewarding machine to drive. It is also one that I would heartily recommend. For me, it is proving an expensive ownership proposition purely due to the (lack of) miles I’m doing.


Porsche 911 997 Indoor Cover

Porsche 911 997 Indoor Cover

There is a saying “Use it, or loose it”. I like owning the 911, but I don’t need one. But I do need a new En Suite. As I put the cover on the car today, I’m left wondering what the future might hold for the motoring fleet here at the Paul O towers. Porsche 911 – Bathroom Edition might well be on the cards.

Stay or Go? I want it to stay, so need to get my money-thinking cap on.

2014 will be an interesting year.