Audi A4 Blog: New Exhaust

Well after a long period of minimal costs, the Audi has required a few essentials. The always required insurance and tax have been paid in the past month or two (£350 insurance once again, £260 road tax) and this month the exhaust has sprung a leak in the form of a gaping hole in the flexi joint at the front. It has been fixed before but bodged by welding the new flexi to the middle section Catalytic converter.

I’m not a DIY’er so had to buy a new one as the garage wouldn’t do a welding job, citing it needed both new front and cat parts to seal the deal. This was £280.

I pondered over the cost for a few weeks, using my other car whilst I decided what to do and in that time one of the front tyres went flat! My other car then hit a problem on the way to work with a “Check Engine, visit workshop” light instilling immediate panic of expensive bills too. The joys of motoring indeed.

So, after abandoning the Porsche at Revolution in Brighouse, a long train journey home it was time to get the Audi fixed pronto. I bought a foot pump and pumped up the tyre then, after a few calls around for quotes I booked it in with the original garage for the exhaust and tyre repair.

The repair was £15 plus £20 for tracking, totalling £320.

This got me thinking about whether it is worthwhile, so I’ve calculated the total cost of ownership in 16 months and 12,000 miles. It goes like this;

16 months, 12k miles
Year 1

  • £230 tax
  • £350 insurance
  • £87 insurance
  • £5 anti freeze
  • £10 air (to check/fill the tyres at 50p a go)
  • 40 MOT

Year 2

  • 280 exhaust
  • 25 tyre fix and balance
  • 260 tax
  • 350 insurance

That works out at about £1637 – or £102.31 per month. In addition, travelling 12,000 miles at approximately 30mpg works out at about 1800 litres of fuel at, say £1.30 per litre. That equates to £2340 fuel. Add the lot together and we’ve down for 33p per mile. Oh, there was also £30 of oil too, which I’d forgotten about.

A quick look online at new cars for comparison and nothing comes close, so shedding still remains good value it would seem, even though it still makes me wince having to fork out for a car that I don’t want to spend anything on.

Now for the overtime, to pay for the inevitable financial doom that the Porsche bill will bring….