The 911 Years: 15 months in…

I’ve owned the 911 now for more than a year (15 months, if we are counting) and thought I’d spend a minute reflecting on the ownership so far, specifically the feelings about the car. And these emotions are somewhat mixed.

Following a week of to-and-fro in my Audi to work and back, getting into the 911 on a nice day feels rather special. Open the garage door and remove the cover and my cabriolet Carrera S Is ready and waiting to provide me with top down enjoyment for as long as the petrol tank will allow.

Climbing into the driver’s seat and everything immediately feels ‘just right’. The seating position is great with the dials directly in front with 200mph on the tachometer indicating fast-as-you-like should one feel the need for speed. And it smells really nice too; I’ve got Spearsy-the-Detailer’s products to thank for that.

Turn the ignition key, wait five seconds for the electronic oil gauge to confirm that attendance of the black stuff is all present and correct. Clutch down, start the engine. That momentary excitement is felt as the engine turns before springing to life, with the Porsche Sports Exhaust ensuring its presence is felt in equal measure. Smiles every time.

The Porsche logo lights up on the communication screen, before enabling the CD player to pump out the tunes of choice on the Bose equipped surround sound system. Put the gear box into first and the positioning of the lever feels just right. Changing gear in this is a very satisfying affair.

Heading through my favourite country roads, top down this car feels great – and yet unusually normal at the same time. The power is there, the noise is there, the handling and gearbox are all there – but it is like someone has forgot to add the fizz in the Champaign. It seems to missing something – but I just can’t put my finger on what it is.
I think this car looks great too. Whenever I park it somewhere and look back I get that “Wow, I’d love to own that!” feeling – and I do, which makes me feel very happy! Yet when it goes back into the garage, I don’t feel the excitement of going for a drive again should the mood take my fancy.

Perhaps that is due in part to the very ‘fidgety’ drive. When you are pressing on its great, but otherwise it can get a bit tiring. I attribute this to the fact it’s a soft-top so the lack of rigidity makes it more like hard work. But yet the soft top is also what adds to the enjoyment! The clutch is quite heavy too, if I’m being picky.

In summary, I’d describe the 911 as great overall, a car that is fun to own and drive, but it is also a bit like hard work. An enjoyable driving experience, but it can also be forgettable and leave you cold. Very strange. What is even stranger is that at this price point, there isn’t anything else that I’d rather have, so it is clearly doing lots of things right. Maybe I’m just being fickle.

It will be interesting to see how the 991 Cabriolet drives in comparison as the comfort levels are supposed to have improved noticeably. But will this detract from the sports car experience that the 997 provides? Test-drive time will tell…